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Give your event an organic and stylish character with the world's best stretch tent, elaborated with extreme care down to the smallest detail. Thanks to the durable materials and the welded and stitched tarpaulin, the tent is ideal for intensive use, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable event time after time.

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Durable fabric and coating

Made of High Tenacity Polyester stretch fabric, coated with an elastomeric polymer coating that is fire-retardant and treated with antimicrobial agents and UV stabilisers. Suitable for intensive, commercial, (semi)permanent use. Thanks to the elastic sail and the movable poles, you can play with the setup of the tent: in nice weather, you set it up with all sides open and in wind or rain with one or more closed sides. The bigger your tent, the more possibilities. The elastic fabric we use to produce the Stretch Q3 tents consists of 2 layers and has a specific weight of 750 gr/m². It has a protective waterproof PVC coating on the outside.

Technical specifications

  • UV index: 8 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Wind resistance: up to 90 km/h | to 9 beaufort
  • Peak wind resistance: up to 113 km/h
  • Heat-sealed and stitched seams (ISO 13936-1)
  • Total Fabric weight: 750 gr/m² - ISO 3801/5 1977 793
  • Weight of Fabric (PES): 300 gr/m² - ISO 3801/5 1977
  • Weight of coating (PU/PVC): 455 gr/m² - ISO 3801/5 1977
  • Breaking Strength warp: 1095 N/5cm - ISO 13934 1999
  • Breaking Strength weft: 1296 N/5cm - ISO 13934 1999
  • Breaking extension warp: 160 % - ISO 13934 1999
  • Breaking extension weft: 135 % - ISO 13934 1999
  • Tear Strength warp: 109 N - ISO 4674A1 1977
  • Tear Strength weft: 183 N - ISO 4674A1 1977
  • Adhesion warp: N/22mm - DIN 53357 1982 20
  • Adhesion weft DIN: N/22mm - 53357 1982 20
  • Waterproofness before & after washing: 200 cm - ISO 811 1981
  • Mold and Fungal resistance: 0* - DIN 53931 - *Zero growth, best possible result.
  • Environmentally friendly: ISO 14001-certified.
  • Anchor point required only every 5.5 m.

Multi-purpose and customised

Thanks to the elastic sailcloth and the movable poles, you can play with the setup of the tent: in fine weather, you set up the tent with all sides open and in wind or rain with one or more closed sides. The bigger your tent, the more possibilities. Can't find the size you are looking for among our standard sizes? No problem, because our stretch tents can also be made to measure. So you can buy a stretch tent that fits perfectly in your garden or on your terrace.

Two tents can also simply be joined together. Moreover, you can use a keder rail to seamlessly attach your (keder-equipped) stretch tent to a wall.

Suitable for: (semi) permanent private or public terrace or garden canopies, catering establishments, summer bars, restaurants, campsites and all kinds of events including weddings, festivals, shows, etc. Because you can play with the shape of the tent and the position of the poles yourself, the possibilities are endless and remarkably easy to set up. You can set up a tent in 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size, with 2 to 4 people.

Complete your tent

Pole set, pegs and tension straps NOT included because we want to offer each of our customers a tailor-made solution. Some of you only need the tarpaulin, others already have pegs or poles. Or you want to work with wooden poles that you can buy locally. That is why you have a choice of accessories to complete your tent.

Printing with company logo

Did you know that you can get a stretch tent printed with the logo of your company, sponsors or brand? For example, as a sponsor for a summer bar, you can lend your tent instead of donating money to the organisation. Or do you regularly organise events? Then increase the visibility of your company or brand thanks to a printed logo on the stretch tent. Printing is possible in all colours and you can choose whether you print on the inside or outside. There are no restrictions in terms of size either. Feel free to let your imagination run wild! We will turn your idea into reality.

Keep in mind that this is an elastic fabric. The larger the logo is printed, the more distortion will be possible when the tent is set up. Contact us for more information.

Set of tent pegs for Stretch Q3

Stretch tents are huge sails that need to be properly secured and tensioned for safe use. Tent pegs are essential accessories for any stretch tent.

Length pegs: The pegs for Stretch Q3 tents weigh 5.85 kg each and are 104 cm long with a diameter of 31 mm. Suitable for large tents and soft ground. Rain makes the ground softer, keep this in mind.

Note: Insert the pegs into the ground so that no more than 12 cm of the top of the pegs protrude above the ground and are at an angle of about 20° to 35° from the tent. Pre-hammer or pole hammer recommended, not included.

Pole set for Stretch Q3

Stretch tents are versatile and can be set up in different ways. Poles can be moved to create different shapes, heights and entrances to suit the space and desired use.

With our Q3 modular aluminium pole sets, you can easily create the desired length with the pole connectors provided. They are also exceptionally portable, easy to store and you can easily adjust the shape of your tent. The side poles have a diameter of 50.8 mm, the central poles 76.2 mm and a wall thickness of 4mm and are available in different lengths (max. 118 cm).

A complete set of rubber post feet is also included, so you can anchor your posts on hard surfaces or protect your flooring. Suitable for professional use in a public environment. We sell beautiful and strong wooden poles, but because of their length, they are very expensive to ship. If you cannot pick them up, you might consider buying them locally. Most farm supply companies of posts and poles for fencing cut beautiful wooden posts to size for a good price. Often even for less than what it would cost us to ship them.

When using wooden/bamboo poles: all inner poles must be covered with our domed pole tops to prevent damage to the fabric. Pole top adapters should be screwed into the end of each wooden pole to allow the pole tops to sit on them. Clamps should be mounted without the metal pole adapters so that the bolt holding the clamp together is visible. Side posts should be drilled out 12.5 mm to allow the bolt to slide in. Note: A Stretch Q3 tent needs tent poles on the side every 5 to 6 metres.

Storm straps for Stretch Q3

Storm straps should be fitted from a wind pressure of 300 N/m².

Side walls Q3: Rectangular side walls

Complete your Stretch tent with transparent side walls for a closed structure, well protected from wind and rain. The side walls can be easily attached to the stretch tent using convenient loops at fixed positions on the edges of the stretch tent. Multiple side walls can be combined to create the desired structure.

We have a few standard sizes in stock: 6 m / 7.5 m / 9 m / 10.5 m / 12 m / 15 m / 18
m / 21 m.

If our standard sidewalls do not meet your expectations, we can discuss together the specific modifications needed to tailor them to your location.

Triangular sidewalls

A triangular sidewall is a smart solution as it improves the functionality and appearance of your tent. They feature a zip in the middle for easy access. They are quick to install and remove and can be folded and stored in a compact bag when not in use.

We stock two standard sizes: 7.5m or 10.5m.
Included: heavy-duty aluminium pole and straps.

Weitere Informationen
Gesamtgewicht (kg)126kg (278lbs)
Boxed Abmessungen (1) (cm)120 x 80 x 48cm (47 x 31 x 19in)

Pole set, pegs and accessories NOT included as we want to offer each of our
customers a tailor-made solution.

  • Packed in a sturdy box.
  • Tent canvas in PVC carrying bag.
  • Official Construction Book.
  • Assembly Manual.
  • Fire Certification:
  • European M2 - NF P92-507 (2004).
  • British Standard - BS 5438:1989 2b As required by bs 7837:1996.
  • German - Din4102-1 (May 1998) Building Class B2&B1
  • California Administrative Code, TItle 19, Section 1237. 1 Original Condition
  • Tent Maintenance Manual.
  • Repair Manual.
  • Doors, Walls and Gutters Manual.
  • Crew Education/Training Manual.
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