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The Sibley Connector is a bow tie shaped cotton canvas awning designed for use specifically for Sibley Bell tents.  The Connector can be used to join two bell tents of any size together.  Ideal for the Sibley Twin and Double Door, this canvas shelter acts as a covered bridge between tents, allowing you to create a multiple room tent. The connector can also be used as an awning on any bell tent for a shaded porch or vestibule.

Made from our waterproof and breathable 100% cotton PRO Canvas (360 gr/m² or 10.62 oz/yd²), this incredibly versatile shelter can join any 2 Sibley's together by attaching to the existing Sibley hardware.

The Sibley Connector includes a telescoping pole set which allows the shelter to be pitched as an A-frame. There are 2 poles included with the set: a ridge pole for the breezeway when connecting 2 Sibley's that is secured with a wing nut on the A-frame door pins, and an adjustable height vertical support when you wish to use the Connector as an awning.

An additional Telescopic Pole Set or Shelter Pole Set can be purchased separately to prop up the corners for additional shade and higher clearance in your entry way.

Weitere Informationen
Gesamtgewicht (kg)5.4 / 12
  • Sibley Tent Connector: 450cm (14'7) long, 147cm (4'11) wide at the ridge, 175cm (5'5) wide at the ends
  • Telescopic pole: 170cm (5'6) - 230cm (7'6)
  • Horizontal pole: 150cm (5')
  • 4 long 5mm PRO guy ropes
  • 4 pegs
  • Matching canvas carry bag
  • Optional: Pole set (2 poles max 230cm (7'6), 2 guy ropes, 2 pegs)
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