Current shop : Europe
Current shop : Europe

A new year, a fresh start, a set of noble resolutions and… a new product in the shelves of CanvasCamp: may we have your attention for the Sibley ProTech!
Just like all of our other products, this tent allows you to camp in a comfortable and stylish way. The big plus of the ProTech are the built-in mesh door and removable mesh wall. 

Unbeatable Tents

Years of International Experience

CanvasCamp has set the standard for quality. As a result, our tents are shipped all over the world: to the Benelux countries, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Japan, the US, South Korea…

CanvasCamp customers value our expertise, reliable delivery service and competitive prices.

Our high-quality (Bell) tents allow you to enjoy unforgettable holidays whenever and wherever you like.

"[...] we had storms off and on all day and when I got home we had more heavy rains with hail and high winds once again. It had nothing on this tent! I as well as my entire family are extremely impressed with this tent and we have not slept one night in it yet! Wow, CanvasCamp you guys make a seriously high quality tent. We are even more excited to get to camping in the Fall with our new second home." (Sibley 500 PRO)



Surprise us with a photo

Feeling in a holiday spirit? You can always surprise us with a cheerful holiday photo of your own CanvasCamp Tent (Stove) and maybe, just maybe, your photo will appear on the CanvasCamp website...

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