Current shop : Europe
Current shop : Europe

Sibley Accessories

Imagine this: It’s raining cats and dogs, your children are whining on and on about how they can’t play when it’s raining outside and you were just about to take a small nap or to read that book you always wanted to read? Attach an inner tent to the central pole and you and your children will enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday together. It will allow you to reserve the inner tent all to yourself while your children play cheerfully in the other half of the tent. If you want enjoy the surrounding landscapes as you are sitting inside the tent, but you’re not keen on mosquitoes, you can always equip your tent with a mosquito net.

Other scenario:  Do you and your partner desperately need a relaxing and romantic holiday together? Attach a chandelier to the central pole and (re)live the most romantic nights with your lover. You can make your Sibley Tent as comfortable and romantic as you want it to be with the accessories you can find in our Sibley range.

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