The inspiration for the Sibley Twin comes from the classic "double bell wedge tent", one of the greatest tent designs in European history. With all these advantages in mind, combined with the popularity of the existing Sibley 600 Twin Ultimate, we set out to produce an all-new Twin PRO for the winter of 2015! Like our existing Pro series, the Twin Pro is identical in design to the Ultimate series, but features our exclusive 10.6oz/yd² heavy-duty canvas and accompanying 19.2oz/yd² ripstop floor, making secondary ground sheets a thing of the past. For long-term applications, whether in the backyard or backcountry, the new Sibley 600 Twin Pro has been redesigned from the ground up to become our most robust large canvas tent yet!

The Sibley 600 Twin is unique among all our Sibley models. While smaller on paper than a round Sibley 600, the Twin is the ballroom of the Sibley's, drawing on a dual center pole design and oval footprint to create cathedral like ceilings and three distinctive spaces within. The Twin's shape allows for a very steep roof pitch, giving occupants the impression of more usable interior space due to it's long center axis and increased headroom. This increased "pacing space" also allowed us to add a second door on one end, and a large square window on the opposite end, the latter an exclusive feature of the Twin. The ends of the oval can be outfitted with inner tents that keep bugs out of your sleeping areas which can accommodate a queen size mattress. The center of the tent can be used as a large "living room" space and a great place to set up a stove. The steep roof pitch also allows the Twin Series to easily shed heavy wind and snow conditions.