The Orland stove is our newest model and is a true treasure. This stove combines a whole new design with the best price-quality ratio. It has three windows so you can enjoy a warm, romantic vibe. The Orland has a large firebox, which provides multiple benefits. First of all, you won’t have to keep on putting more wood into the stove: you can use larger pieces of wood that burn longer. That way, you won’t have to remove the ashes that often. A larger firebox obviously also means more heat output. Because the Orland is such a compact stove, it takes up very little floor space. It’s also very easy to install. The Orland stove is the only one that can be equipped with an oven and that offers room under the firebox to keep some fire wood.

The Orland comes in two sizes: the Camp Stove, which is the bigger model, and the Tent Stove, which is a little smaller. The big advantage of the Orland Tent Stove is that this model can be installed through the windows of your Sibley-tent so there’s no need to cut a hole in the canvas.


The Frontier is a lightweight stove that can easily be installed. It’s ideal for people that need a stove that is easily transportable because all the pipes and chimneys can be stored in the firebox. The Frontier has a top exit which makes a more efficient use of the heat because there’s more pipe inside the tent. This stove has rather long legs which is why it will stand more to the center of the tent. That way, it will also generate more heat.


This stove takes up very little floor space. What makes it unique is that it has two extra hotplates which allows you to use up to three pans at once. The Traveller has a baffle plate that causes exhaust gasses to make a couple extra turns before they get to the exhaust pipe. This does not only boost the heat output, it also reduces the amount of polluted exhaust. Like the Frontier stove, the Traveller has a top exit which equals a more efficient use of heat because of the upward directed flue pipe.

The Traveller has a nice little removable ash tray. The more wood you burn, the more ashes will be produced and the more you’ll have to clean your stove. You’ll often have to wait for the stove body to cool because you have to carry the whole stove outside to dump the ashes. The Traveller can be left on its spot, as long as you clean the ash tray daily.

Handmade stoves

Of course we also have the handmade stoves if you want to purchase a British quality stove. These are made in the UK, come in different models and can be adapted to your specific needs. They are very robust stoves that are made from high quality 4 mm steel. This makes them a bit heavier than e.g. the Frontier but because of their compact design, they take up less floor space.

Take a look at our stove page for more information about our stoves.