Current shop : Europe
Current shop : Europe

Cotton tents

A waterproof tent which regulates humidity, is much more durable than any nylon or polyester model and creates a warm, cosy and romantic vibe? Search no more: If you opt for a cotton tent, you and your family will experience lots and lots of memorable holidays, with a magnificent tent in the background of your holiday pics.

Tents constructed of cotton canvas do not only create a warm and romantic vibe, cotton is also known to be a fire retardant, breathing, natural material which is completely waterproof.  Since cotton shrinks when it gets wet, your tent will be completely waterproof even in heavy rain. Moreover, due to its breathing quality, cotton tents never feel damp or moist inside, contrary to its nylon or polyester counterparts. Discover our Sibley, Classic and Swag range here, three tent types made out of heavy, durable cotton canvas.

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