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Current shop : Europe

Sibley Diamond Fire

The Sibley (Bell) Diamond Fire Tent is particularly suited for professional use, since it is the only cotton tent that is completely and entirely fireproof. Do note that all CanvasCamp Tents can be fitted with a tent stove, even though only the Sibley (Bell) Diamond Fire Tents are completely fireproof. Although all CanvasCamp Tents are four season tents, we believe that only the Sibley (Bell) PRO and Diamond Fire tents can be used for longer spells. The lifespan of the Diamond Fire Tent is considerably extended by the manner in which its fabric has been woven and the products with which it has been treated. However, this causes the cotton to feel more rigid and affects the tent’s ability to “breathe”. The Diamond Fire Tents are equipped with a Deluxe groundsheet – a luxurious groundsheet that has been sewn into the tent and is made of ripstop PVC of 540 g/m².

It is highly advisable to buy a fireproof tent if your insurance company requires it, if you aim to use the tent for professional ends and equip it with a stove or if you live in one of the eight American states where a fireproof certificate is required.

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