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Flex 150

Flex 150

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From: €4,250.00

The name Flex/ Free Form/ Stretch Tent refers to unique stretchable fabric, which gives the tent the ability to be shaped to suit individual sites or client requirements. The Flex Tent's 2-way stretch fabric allows you to pitch the tent in a variety of shapes in environments that would be traditionally considered awkward. These tents can be rigged on the beach, off walls, over pools, around trees, on balconies or in your own back yard. Poles of varying length are pushed into the stretch-fabric to create beautiful parabolic shapes and eye-catching designs.

NEW: Our Flex Tents are now available with a single or double coating. The waterproof layer does not only facilitate your cleaning, it also adds to the durability of the fabric.

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From: €4,250.00
In Stock


  • Stretch Tents can be rigged canopy style with all sides up – a particularly attractive feature on warm sunny days, or at places where it would be a shame to block out the surrounding views. When weather dictates, these tents can be rigged as weatherproof enclosures with all sides down. You can control the anchorage points by moving the clamps around the Stretch Tent.
  • CanvasCamp Stretch Tents have been tested to comply with EU and USA Fire Standards making them safe for any event (certification M2).
  • Our Stretch Tents have a low memory effect, which allows you to pitch them in different shapes. They are perfect for semi-permanent use and are highly crack resistant.
  • The tents are produced in cream colour and sand. When you order at least 800 m² of Flextents, the tents are manufactured in any colour you like.

Note: When in stock, shipped within 24 hours. When not in stock, production takes 2 to 7 days.


  • Flex Tent 150: 10x15 m - 32'8" x 49'2"
  • Weight: tent: 70 kg (154 lbs); accessories: 21 kg (46 lbs); pole set: 46 kg (101 lbs)
  • Tent pegs: 34x, 50 cm/ 20 inch long, galvanised steel T-profile
  • Ropes: 34x, 4 m
  • Round pole top: 16x
  • Wooden pole adaptor: 16x
  • Pole base: 24x
  • PVC Storage bag: 2x
  • Instructions: download on this page
  • Insured shipment, 12 months warranty & 14 days 'not happy= money back' warranty

The tent is available with or without pole set. A pole set allows you to create different designs and shapes, depending on the event and the circumstances.
The Flex 150 pole set contains: 20xA - 50xB - 15xC + carry bag. Weight: 46 kg.

  • A: aluminium pole Ø 40 mm - 110 cm
  • B: aluminium pole + connecting piece: Ø 40 mm - 110 cm
  • C: aluminium pole Ø 40 mm - 55 cm

Option: Waterproof couple system which can be used to connect two Flex Tents without the risk of water seeping through.


  • The unique two-way stretch fabric causes the tent's capacity for transformation and reinvention of space to be spectacular. Redetermining a constructed space is simply a matter of repositioning poles. Popular applications include: temporary camping/ event structure, temporary cover for dead spaces in restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues, temporary shade cover solution for outdoor events, branding medium for corporate sponsors, etc.
  • A major advantage over traditional marquees and event coverings is that a Flex Tent can be pitched comparatively quickly by fewer people, and with less impact on the venue. They are lighter and less bulky than alternative tents and therefore easier to transport. High tensile strength: 700 Nm.
  • The stretch fabric is coated with a heavy layer of synthetic rubber. Single-side coated, the fabric weighs 450 g/m², this in comparison to the double-coated version, which weighs 650 g/m².
  • Event structure. Moreover, the tent can be used for longer spells due to the heavy-duty fabric with heavy PVC coating.
  • Available in 2 colours: sand/ cream colour.
  • Rot proof movable/removable clamps. The mounting options are endless partly due to the fact that you can control the anchorage points by moving the clamps around the Stretch Tent.
  • UV-resistant. Both layers have been treated with a UV-filter.
  • CanvasCamp Stretch Tents have been tested to comply with EU and USA Fire Standards making them safe for any event (certification M2). Whether the Flex tent is used as a tent, marquee or canopy, your venue will not go ‘up in flames’.
  • Water column: 6000 mm.
  • Wind proof up to wind force 6 (50 km/h).
  • Made of polyester with a tensile strength of 700 Nm.
  • Provided with tension straps with a breaking strength of 300 kg/strap.
  • Seams: all seams are 'high frequency welded'. This results in a very strong and 100% waterproof seam.
  • Reinforced corners.
  • The fabric, stripped of the clamps, can be washed in an industrial washing machine.
  • Carrying bag: tough PVC tarpaulin bag, 650 g/m².
  • Insured shipping with tracking.
  • Optional pole set.
  • Made in Belgium.

This high-quality European tent has been tested to European standards.

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