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  • The Gstove Heat View is a portable wood burning stove built like tank. Made entirely of stainless steel, this stove can take a beating AND heat any canvas tent effectively and efficiently. The Gstove is affordable and includes everything you need to start glamping with a tent stove. A wide range of accessories and add-ons allow you to customize your stove to suit your next adventure, without paying for any features you don’t need out of the box. This Norwegian built wood burner is a great choice for outdoor explorers that want their equipment to be as versatile as their adventures. The window on the front display the flames nicely and create a nice atmosphere inside your tent.

    Key Features of the Gstove

    Folding Legs: Sturdy leg attachments at welded directly onto the firebox.  Short legs are included with the Gstove and fold towards the firebox for easy set up and transport.  Stainless steel locking pins and wing nuts ensure a stable base.  Longer legs can be purchased separately to put more distance between the firebox and the floor, or to raise your cooking surface. 

    Air Intake adjustor: Turn the intake valve at the bottom of the firebox door to increase airflow to your fire. Close it to reduce airflow for a lower, slower burn.

    Internal Burn Grate: Grates in the firebox allow air to get to your wood from below for more complete combustion and provide the ability to clean out ashes even when the fire is still burning.

    Tempered Glass Window: Monitoring your fire is easy through the tempered glass window on the firebox door of the Gstoev Heat View.  The airwash system mounted next to the window can be adjusted to keep your view of the flames clear.

    Removeable Door:  The door can be completely removed from the firebox so you can shake out all of the ashes before packing it up.

    Top Exit Flue Pipe System:  The Gstove includes a top exit flue pipe system can be vented vertically through the canopy of a canvas tent with a stove jack.   Top exiting the stove is recommended for extremely cold climates and large tents because the more flue pipe sections exposed to the inside of the tent, the more heat is introduced to the environment. The Gstove Heat View flue pipe system can be adapted for side exiting with the purchase of accessory bent pipe sections.

    Ash Scraper:  A long skinny stainless steel scraping blade is included with every Gstove to clean out ash from under the burning grate even when the stove is in use.

    Spark Arrestor: The spark arrestor is the top most section of flue with a covered top and small holes running around it to allow smoke to escape while preventing larger prices of burning ash and coals from flying out of the flue pipe and damaging your tent or sparking a fire.   The spark arrestor needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent residue from building up and restricting airflow. Certain types of wood create more creosote than others, so this is a safety feature that needs to be inspected frequently.  The Spark arrestor has three attachment points for guy lines that add stability to your stove set up.

    Affordable Starter Stove with Options to Upgrade

    The Guide Stove includes everything you need in a camp stove at a budget friendly price point.  CanvasCamp offers a wide range of accessories to allow to add parts and features you need and avoid paying for features you don’t.  The Guide Stove can be customized to suit a variety of climates so this stove can adapt to adventures you haven’t even considered yet.

    Check out all the accessories for the Guide Stove before making your purchase! Get yourself an oven to get cooking. Dry your socks with a clothes hanger attached to the flue pipe. Use a 90° pipe section to side exit the stove instead of venting it vertically through the tent canopy. A heat shield can be installed on the flue pipe to protect you and your tent from accidental bumps and burns.  A custom fit watertank can provide hot water anytime you'd like. 

    Gstove Portability

    The Gstove weighs less than 10 kg (22 lbs) which is a good balance of portability and durability. The folding handles on top of the stove make it easy to carry and store, and can also be used as a drying rack. The flue pipe system, ashscraper and grates can be disassembled and stored inside the firebox for compact storage and transport.

    Heat Output and Efficiency

    The Gstove is HOT!  Equipped with several thoughtfully designed features to maximize heat output and efficiency. Baffle plates, air intake adjuster, cylinder stove body, and burn grates help this stove burn hot and radiate heat. An optional Airflow Controller can be installed in between the flue sections, so you'll be able to control the intensity of the wood burning.


    Canvas bell tents are not for use with open fire pits. Fire safety is the responsibility of the user. We encourage you to educate yourself and practice vigilant fire safety. Read our FAQ and blogs to learn more about fire safety.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time.  Always check local fire restrictions prior to starting a fire as rules and regulations may change frequently throughout the year. CanvasCamp cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents.

    Always use a carbon monoxide detector when using a wood burning stove inside your tent.

    More Information
    Stove TypePortable
    Heat Energy3kW
    Flue Exit TypeTop Exit
    Height30cm (12")
    Length38cm (15")
    Width22cm (8-1/2")
    Flue Diameter6 cm (2-1/4")
    Total weight (kg / lbs)10 / 22.2
    Boxed Dimensions (1) (cm)44x35x28
      • Gstove Heat View
      • 6 Stove flue pipes (36.5 cm/14")
      • Grate
      • Ashscraper
      • Spark Arrestor (20 cm/8")
      • Door with glass window
      • Exit I Mini Stove Jack
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