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    Bugs are everywhere, especially when camping. Keep bugs out with a detachable mesh door for your Sibley Bell Tent. Multiple sizes available to fit most bell tents. Velcro strips and toggles to attach the door to the tent. Compatible with most Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate models of the Sibley's. Read the description below for details.

    Add a mesh door to your bell tent to help keep bugs out while letting the breeze in.  These accessory mesh doors attach to the tent with toggles and Velcro, while the top of the door is held in place with a metal O-ring that slips over the welded pin at the peak of the A-frame door poles.  Mesh doors are completely removeable, so you can store them when you don’t need them.  Made of our Classic Canvas (320 gr/m² or 9.5 oz/yd²) and no-see-um mesh.  The bottom of the door has a (540 gr/m² or 15.93 oz/yd²) PVC sod flap that is 23cm (9 inches). A size 5 zipper runs up the center for easy access.  Canvas Loops and strings are sewn in so you can neatly tie back the mesh doors when not in use.

    Sibley Bell Tent Compatibility:

    Most canvas bell tents are compatible with our detachable mesh doors of a corresponding size.  The Pro, ProTech, and Ultimate Special Edition (SE) come equipped with sewn in mesh doors, therefore an accessory mesh door is only necessary when used for repairs or replacements. Check the list below to confirm your Sibley Tent model is compatible with a mesh door, and always purchase a mesh door that corresponds to the size of your bell tent.  For example: If you own a Sibley 600 Twin Standard, purchase the 600 Twin Mesh door.

    Note: Only compatible with Sibley tents produced after 2016

    This detachable accessory mesh door is compatible with and recommended for the following Sibley Bell Tents:

    Sibley Standard:

    Sibley 300 Standard

    Sibley 400 Standard

    Sibley 500 Standard

    Sibley 600 Standard

    Sibley 600 Twin Standard

    Sibley Deluxe:

    Sibley 300 Deluxe

    Sibley 400 Deluxe

    Sibley 500 Deluxe

    Integrated (sewn in) mesh doors are included on the following Sibley Bell Tents:

    Sibley Ultimate:

    Sibley 400 Ultimate

    Sibley 450 Ultimate

    Sibley 500 Ultimate

    Sibley 600 Twin Ultimate

    Sibley 600 Ultimate Double Door

    Sibley Pro:

    Sibley 400 Pro

    Sibley 450 Pro

    Sibley 500 Pro

    Sibley 500 Pro Double Door

    Sibley 600 Twin Pro

    Sibley 600 Pro Double Door

    Sibley ProTech:

    Sibley 400 ProTech

    Sibley 450 ProTech

    Sibley 500 ProTech

    Sibley 600 ProTech Double Door

    More Information
    Total weight (kg / lbs)0.85 / 1.9
      • Fabric: 100% cotton, 320 g/m², mould resistant, sandy colour
      • Floor: ripstop PVC of 540 g/m², sandy colour
      • Window: B3 Polyester mesh, white
      • Zipper: 5# nylon
      • Velcro strip: 25 mm
      • Toggle: 4x black plastic toggles used to connect the mesh door to the tent wall
      • O-ring: 1x steel o-ring, used for hanging the mesh door onto the A-frame
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