Refuge Tent System

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    The Refuge Tent System is a modular shelter structure engineered to provide superior protection from in any environment, in any weather condition, to anyone in need of refuge. Built for mission critical 4 season base camps and long-term use. The Refuge combines the best design elements in modern large capacity tent technology: the rugged dependability of military tents, the adaptability of emergency relief tents, and the comfort of commercial safari tents. Available 3 sizes that can connect for limitless capacity.

    Four Season use in all climates

    The Refuge Tent System was built to stand up to the most extreme conditions.
    The high-density vinyl polyester tent canopy is waterproof, mold resistant, and UV treated. Both the tent and floor stand up to chemical disinfectants and deep cleaning.

    Burly galvanized steel frame is designed to withstand gale force winds up to 100km/h (60mph, 52 knots) and hold snow 25kg/m2 (5lb per square foot) for 6 hours.
    A boatload of thoughtfully designed features allows the tent to be quickly and easily adapted to provide comfortable shelter in a range of environments – from biting cold and dumping snow, to searing heat and sand storms.

    Scalable Shelter Systems

    A system is defined as a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. Two or more Refuge Tents create a Refuge Tent System. Each unit is designed to perform independently as a free-standing shelter, and also as part of a larger structure.

    Refuge tents can be connected end to end by docking the frame poles. Every Refuge tent is identical in height, and width, the only variance between sizes is the length of the tent, which means tents of any size can be arranged in any order. In a connected configuration the walls may be left in place to create a multiroom superstructure, or the walls may be removed entirely to create a clear, continuous, and unobstructed interior space.

    The scalability of the Refuge Tent System even extends to logistics. A single self-contained box includes all of the parts and tools required for each tent. Each box is a standard length and width to facilitate easy transportation. Multiple Refuge Tents can be packed and shipped quickly and efficiently in standard 20ft or 40 ft shipping containers.

    Set up

    The Refuge is designed to be pitched by a small crew of average strength in 20-60 minutes. Everything you need to pitch the tent is included in the box -- and the only tool required is a hammer, which is also included in the box. The assembly and use instructions provide visual step by step directions designed to be easily understood in any language. Inspired by the mission-ready capabilities of disaster relief tents, the Refuge is built from the ground up to be pitched anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

    3-Layer Window System

    Massive floor to ceiling windows line the walls of the Refuge Tent and are equipped with a 3-layer protection system that can quickly and easily adapt to the prevailing weather and environment.

    To beat the heat every window is backed with durable mosquito proof mesh providing abundant light, fresh air, and visibility.
    A second layer of clear plastic can be deployed to block driving rain without obstructing views, or to provide an additional layer of insulation against the cold.
    The outermost storm door on every window seal completely with hook and loop tape (formerly known as Velcro) to protect against the most extreme weather. Each storm door is also equipped with guy lines which hold the doors taunt at a steep angle to strike a balance between protection from inclement weather or sun, while also allowing for plenty of airflow. When the weather is exactly right the storm doors can be rolled up completely and neatly stowed under the eaves.

    Storm Doors

    Full size doors on either end of the Refuge provide easy access to the outside, or to a connected tent. Equipped with the same 3-layers of protection as the windows, the doors can be fixed with no-see-um mesh, clear plastic rain cover, and weatherproof storm flap. Multiple side release buckles securely fix the doors to the walls of the tent, or neatly store the rolled up door layers overhead for quick deployment when not in use.


    Large no-see-um mesh backed vents located above every window and every door provide ample air flow. Eaves extend over the vents to block light rain and sun in mild weather, and storm flaps can be secured to cover the vents in winter, heavy rain, snow, or dust storms.

    Stove Jack

    Pre-installed stove jack for out-of-box compatibility with a wood burning tent stove, electric heater, air conditioning, or air purification system. A heat resistant sleeve extends into the tent and ties securely around flue pipes or exhaust hoses of any size to maintain environmental separation between the interior of the tent and the ambient environment. In short, it keeps the bugs, dust, and rain outside – and hot or cold air inside.


    Hook and loop tape (formerly known as Velcro) Built in placed next to doors designed to provide secure placement of custom signage to display custom branding or signage.

    Bathtub Style Floor

    A waterproof groundsheet rises 10cm (4”) up the side wall to the tent to provide ‘bathtub style’ protection even in standing water. The floor can be securely attached to the tent with side release buckles, or removed completely.

    Sod Flaps

    Extra long sod flaps extend beyond the footprint to direct rain and snow runoff away from the tent to prevent pooling under the floor.

    More Information
    Canvas TypeSynthetic
    Water Column5000mm
    Max CapacityNo
    Length4m / 7m / 12m
    Floor SpaceNo
    Floor AttachmentNone
    Compatibility Inner TentNo
    Peg TypeNo
    Total weight (kg / lbs)176kg - 347kg
    • Bathtub Style groundsheet woven polyester (250 gr/m² or 7.4 oz/yd²) gray
    • Water, mold, and UV resistant woven polyester (250 gr/m² or 7.4 oz/yd²) white color
    • Galvanized steel poles 1.2mm (1/16”) thick and 30mm (1.2 inches) in diameter
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