Second Hand Tents

If you're looking for the best deals possible, you've come to the right place. Sometimes products are exchanged or returned because of a small, yet fixable, defect or tents have been set up in our showroom or for a photoshoot. These tents and products are still in working condition, but can't be sold as new. We at CanvasCamp think that everyone shouldn't contribute to stop climate change and believe that these products should be trown away. So we offer you this second hand shop!

Mail us at and include the ID numbers of the tents you are interested in and your address to estimate the shipping costs.
Please note that we won't buy your tents and only offer tents from our own back stock.

Note: Tents and products that have been bought via this page will fall under the same warranty as other products acquired at CanvasCamp. This of course excludes the described damages or differences.