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Sibley 300 Ultimate

Sibley 300 Ultimate

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This is the only Sibley tent we know of that has no central pole. We've created a very clever alternative to the central pole– a unique three-legged A-frame, that sits inside the tent. This ingenious design erects the tent very securely, whilst not getting in the way, and making the best use of the space inside. Feel free to fill it with your camping essentials without worrying about working around a central pole!


Currently out of stock. Back next season.


This is the only Sibley 300 tent in the world we know of that doesn't require a central pole and thus fits a double bed.
Our Ultimate range comes with a very heavy duty groundsheet which is connected to your tent by means of a zipper. Consequently, you can role up the sides of the tent. The Ultimate groundsheet is much more enjoyable and more durable than any other groundsheet you may have seen (PVC 540 g/m²). 


  • Sibley 300 Ultimate Tent: Ø 300 cm x 200/55 cm; 21 kg; 7 m² - 13.12 ft x 6.56/1.8 ft; 46.30 lbs; 75 ft²
  • guy ropes & pegs for tent
  • spring loaded steel tent poles: Ø 25/22 mm.
  • matching canvas carry bag
  • instructions: download on this page
  • insured shipment, 12 months warranty on canvas & 14 days 'not happy: money back' warranty


  • Equipped with a heavy-duty groundsheet which is attached to the tent with a zipper. The groundsheet is made out of PVC and weighs 540 g/m² (i.e. 1.19 lbs/ 10 ft²).
  • Heavy-duty cotton canvas (320 g/m²).
  • Because of its unique design, there is no pole blocking the entrance.
  • Fabulous sand-like colour creating a warm and romantic vibe.
  • 100% waterproof! Moreover, the material is treated to be even more water and mould resistant. The inside of the tent never feels damp or moist and remains
  • 100% dry even after being out in the rain for days.
  • This tent easily fits 1 queen-sized bed but sleeps up to 4 kids.
  • A-frame covered entrance (140 cm/ 4.6 ft high). Unlike some Sibley tents this one has an A-frame entrance which creates a porch to stop the rain from coming in.
  • Without this feature the tent would be harder to access and more likely to leak along the entrance flap.
  • Zipped front door for fast access. The corners of the doors have a flap that allows power cables into the tent without having to make a hole or affect flood proofing.
  • Can be fitted with our specially designed Sibley tent stoves or with your own stove and an 'Exit I' connecting piece.
  • Unlike many of the copies out there, our tents are European tested to BS5852 standards. This is the 'cigarette test' which shows that the tent will not ignite when burnt by the likes of a cigarette.
  • 4 windows complete with integrated mosquito nets.
  • Takes 1 person only 5 to 8 minutes to pitch.
  • Beautifully made quality built. Double stitching all around and reinforced key points.
  • Optional : mesh door 300 to be found under 'Sibley Accessories'
  • All packs down into a matching canvas bag small enough to go on the back of a motorbike or in a small trunk (90 cm, Ø 25 cm).

Please Note:

This is a high quality European spec Sibley tent. There are copies about but our tents are very different to the bright white imports from China and India. Fully tested to European standards they have the official kite mark to show that. Enjoy the benefits of sleeping under canvas in a yurt/tipi-like vibe without the hassle. Avoiding the high cost of purchase, nightmare of transportation and storage and difficult set-up.

This tent has been approved by Cotton Incorporated. ™The Seal of Cotton is a trademark of Cotton Incorporated.

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