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Orland Tent Stove

Orland Tent Stove

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Luxurious tent stoves made out of only the best materials, Orland Stoves are expecially suited for those who enjoy camping with a touch of glamour and just the right amount of comfort. They are equipped with three windows, allowing you to enjoy a warm and romantic vibe inside your tent. Under the stove, there is enough room to keep some fire wood. Not only can you cook on top of the firebox, the stoves can also be equipped with a small oven, which enables you to prepare all sorts of dishes inside your tent.

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Check out our Orland set up page for more information and click here to link to our video and gear test of the Orland!


  • Three sides of tempered glass for ample light
  • Air intake damper for temperature control
  • Baffle plate for increased burn efficiency
  • Adjustable top vent
  • Proprietary stove pipe system with heat shield
  • Spark arrestor, with ropes and stakes for extra stability
  • 2 key style handles designed to be removed to maintain a safe temperature
  • Top or Side Exit flu pipe arrangement 
  • Optional Orland Oven accessory (for baking!)

NOTE: This is a side-exit stove designed specifically for our Sibley tents. If you are looking for a top-exit or a larger stove, please see the Orland Camp Stove


  • Orland Tent Stove: 3 kW
  • Firebox: 250 x 350 x 250 mm; 12 kg - 9.84" x 13.78" x 9.84"; 26.46 lbs
  • Removable base
  • The flue pipe: directed horizontally
  • Flue pipe set (box 28kg/61.73lbs)
  • Packed in a nice wooden box (box 4kg/8.82lbs)

The flue set contains:

  • 3x 50 cm (1'6") flue pipe with a diameter of 8 cm (3.15")
  • Insulated pipe
  • Elbow flue section
  • Spark arrestor
  • Flue support
  • 2 clamps
  • Adaptor for the pipes
  • Spark arrestor guy ropes and pegs


The Orland stove is a portable camping stove hand-made in Denmark to very high specifications. A CanvasCamp exclusive, the Orland stove is the only stove of it's kind to boast features such as ceramic glass windows and fullly lined firebox, making one of the world's most effieicnt stoves for it's size.  Under the stove is a collapsible bin to store and dry wood which doubles as a stove stand with an integral catch pan for ashes. The firebox itself is a very high-efficiency 1pc welded design, lined with Skamolex synthetic firebrick and a full-size internal baffle plate. The heavy-duty door features a gakset and adjustable intake damper. Unique to the Orland stove is it's side-exit stove pipe, making it ideal for our Sibley tents. Traditionally, top exit stoves necessitated that a hole be cut in the roof of our Sibley tents so that the Stove Jack could be installed, which created the possibility for leaks during rainy weather. The Orland was designed from the ground-up to be compatible with Sibley tents. The side-exit stove pipe  allows you to simply cut the screen netting out of one window to port the exhaust pipe through, which comes with it's own insulator pipe. The stove pipe comes with clamps and a spark arrestor. The Orland stove comes standard with it's own transport case and has optional accessories such as antler door handles and a stovetop oven! Not apt for coal.


Educate yourself regarding the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide associated with the use of wood stoves inside tents. Always extinguish a heat source before going to sleep. We highly advise the use of a spark mat under your stove. CanvasCamp is not liable for any damage or injury resulting in the use of any manner of flame or heat source inside of any CanvasCamp tent. 

CanvasCamp tent stoves cannot be used in houses, as they are not CE approved nor marked as such. However, our stoves have been extensively tested by ourselves as well as our customers, allowing us to guarantee that all CanvasCamp stoves are of the highest quality. They can be fitted in caravans, tents, shelters, vehicles, etc. Although only qualified bodies can give advice on the safety aspects of stove installation, our customer service team will be happy to share experiences about any CanvasCamp stove and to help you with your project if required. 

14 day money back guarantee. 

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