Exit I 45° Stove Jack

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Exit I 45° Stove Jack allows you to exit your wood burning tent stove flue pipe through the sloped roof of any bell tent. Made out of stainless steel and galvanized rubber, this heat resistant flashing is easy to assemble and compatible with most flue pipe diameters. The rubber can be cut to fit the specific diameter of your flue pipe to ensuring your chimney vent is secure and water tight.

One of the primary benefits of canvas is it's ability to breathe, thereby releasing the moisture that is always accumulating inside a tent. This becomes particularly pronounced in cooler weather when water begins to condense inside a tent. A wood stove is the perfect solution for this situation, driving moisture out while keeping its occupants warm and toasty while giving them the ability to cook food,warm water and dry their gear out.

A little-known fact about wood stoves is that most of the heat comes not from the firebox but the 1st few feet of the exhaust pipe. The greater length of pipe inside the tent, the more warmth you will get from the stove. However, putting a hole in the roof of a tent can sometimes cause a leak at the stove jack during the rainy season, so another option is to have the stove exhaust exit through the side of the tent. In this situation where the exhaust pipe is necessarily very short, a larger firebox is called for. 

Note: All Canvascamp tents accept all models of stove jacks.

Make sure to leave about 1m (or 3 feet) of flue pipe in between the stove and the flashing installed in the canvas of your tent.

More Information
Total weight (kg)0.7
Compatible WithFrontier Plus, Orland Tent Stove, Orland Camp Stove
Flue Compatibility50 - 110mm

installing canvas tent stove jack

  • 2 clamping plates
  • High-temp rubber boot
  • Mounting nuts & bolts
  • Diameter metal long side exterior: 315 mm (12.4")  
  • Diameter metal short side exterior: 225 mm (8.9") 
  • Diameter metal long side interior: 210 mm (8.3")
  • Diameter metal short side interior: 120mm (4.3")
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