Sibley Bell Tent Series Comparison

Sibley Bell Tent Series Comparison

Choose the Right Canvas Tent for You

Buying a high quality tent is an investment in future adventures. Although the variety of styles and features available can seem overwhelming, choosing the right tent for you is easier than you think. Most campers experience a wide range of environments and have lots of different occasions to use their tents. Choose a tent with lots of features and flexibility to ensure you're always prepared for your next big adventure. If you know exactly what you need from your next tent, buy what you need and nothing you don't. Shop our purpose specific collections below or compare Sibley Bell Tent Series to find out which tent is best for you!

  Ultimate Pro ProTech
Canvas 320 gr/m2 360 gr/m2 360 gr/m2
Groundsheet 540 gr/m2 650 gr/m2 650 gr/m2
Bug Protection Mesh door and walls Mesh door Mesh door and walls
Floor Attachment Zipped in Zipped in Zipped in
Guy Lines 3 mm 5 mm 5 mm
Stakes and Poles Standard Heavy Duty Heavy Duty
Walls Roll Up Yes Yes Yes
Best For Casual camping / Events / Festivals Heavy Use / Commercial Use / Extreme Climates
UV Low to moderate UV exposure High UV exposure
Rain 100% Waterproof
Season(s) Spring / Summer / Fall Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter
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Sibley ProTech Series

Pro Grade Canvas Tent with Mesh Walls

Our most technical bell tent series for 4 season, long term, and commercial use. Pro Canvas and groundsheet, ALL the features, PLUS a zip in-out mesh wall for 360° bug protection and ventilation. The ProTech Series is our top of the line tent built to go anywhere and stay for a while.!

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Sibley ProTech Tent
Sibley Pro Tent

Sibley Pro Series

Expedition Grade Tents Built for Comfort & Style

The Pro Series is the most popular canvas tent series. Packed with features and upgraded materials for extreme environments and heavy use. Extra thick rip-stop waterproof groundsheet attached with a heavy duty size 10 zipper allows you roll up the side walls. Built with high performance PRO Canvas, integrated mesh doors, and burlier stakes, guy lines, and poles. The Pro is a versitle four season canvas tent.

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Sibley Ultimate Series

The Ultimate Camping Tent

The Ultimate Series has all the same features as our Pro Series with three season materials. Zip in/out groundsheet, mesh doors and roll up side walls: The Sibley Ultimate is a feature-packed canvas tent for weekend warriors and serious glamping. Made with the same waterproof and breathable Classic Canvas as the Deluxe and Standard Series.

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Sibley Ultimate Tent
Four Season Tents

Four Season Tents vs. All Weather Tents

Not Just for Winter Camping!

Traditional four season tents are designed to handle the extreme weather of winter; snow, ice, and cold. A true four season tent will also be equipped for the other seasonal extremes: wind, rain, and humidity. Look for burly materials and thoughtfully designed features for adapting your tent to the weather at hand. Four season tents are recommended for long term use as well as in extreme environments - desert, jungle, playa, plains, - in addition to snow and cold!

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Three Season Tents

Tough Enough to Beat the Heat

Three season tents are designed for the majority of conditions people camp in: causal use on the weekends in mild to moderate weather. Three season tents breathe better, are waterproof, and are generally more comfortable in dry and hot conditions. 3 season tents have lighter poles and canvas than 4 season tents. Don't think of three season tents as lesser or lower quality tents - they are often exactly what is called for.

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Three Season Tents
DIY Glamping Tents

DIY Glamping Tents

Luxury Camping for the People

Instagram worthy camping tents with minimal effort. Spacious, stylish, and oh so comfortable. The best part is these tents go up in minutes and pack down to fit in any standard car trunk. Camping fancy starts here!

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Commercial Glamping Tents

The Ultimate Tent for Camping Fancy

All weather tents with tons of space and convenient features to upgrade your camping experience to serious glamping. Built for long term use in any environment. The Sibley ProTech Series is the tent of choice for glamping entrepreneurs all over the world.

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Professional Glamping Tents
Hunting Tents

Hunting Tents and Basecamp Tents

Just Say NO to Wall Tents

If you have ever set up, or taken down, a wall tent you know it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. Stop doing it. Sibley Tents beat out wall tents in wind and snow resistance, heat efficiency, weight, and space. The best part is they take about 10 minutes to pitch.

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Family Camping Tents

Get closer without being cramped

Memories of camping with family stick with you for a lifetime. Tents for families are big enough for everyone to sleep, hang out, and move around without stepping over each other. Most importantly - they should be easy to set up. Large camping tents for families are often more difficult to set up than Ikea furniture without the instructions. Sibley Ultimate's are easy and intuitive and go up in minutes.

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Family Camping Tents
Sibley Tent Size Comparison

Compare Sibley Bell Tent Sizes

Which size tent is right for you?

Now you know which Sibley Bell Tent Series you need the next time is to choose your size! Review and compare the different Sibley Bell Tent Sizes, measurements, and specifications. Not too big, not to small, find the perfect size tent for your next outdoor adventure!

Compare Sibley Sizes