Excelente servicio al cliente

Buenas noches Martín. Te comento: estamos muy muy contentos con nuestra experiencia contigo. Que la compra sea fácil y que todo vaya según lo previsto es importante, e imagino que tenéis muchísimas reviews que lo atestiguan. Nos gustaría, si te parece bien, hablar de lo increíblemente eficaz que ha sido la postventa. Muchos compradores antes de hacer una inversión así se preguntan que pasará si hay algún problema (llamadas que no se contestan, mails, soluciones poco satisfactorias, etc) y nos gustaría explicar que en nuestro caso tuvimos un problema (sin especificar cuál) y que nos lo solucionaron con mucha rapidez, sin tener que reclamar, y que siempre estuviste atento al seguimiento del caso.
Si esto os pudiera beneficiar de alguna manera nos gustaría saber donde podemos dejar un comentario.

Muchas gracias por todo!!

Posted onMay 2, 2019
Reviewed byPablo

Best Tent I've ever had!

Posted onMarch 22, 2019
Reviewed by

We love it!!

We ordered the Sibley pro-500, for many reasons, including a partner who is 6'5 and a lack of quality uncomplicated tents to choose from. Well it arrived today, I put it up in the back yard by myself (with 'help' from the kids), it took about 20 min. We LOVE it!! amazing quality, nice thick groundsheet, heavy duty zips, clear instructions, we got the short guy poles which are fabulous. Thanks again for the quality product, we can't wait to use it and be the envy of the campground.

Posted onNovember 13, 2017
Reviewed byKirsten

you folks are great

Sam, You are awesome! Thank you so much my little girls are so excited to set up Camp in Tahoe and then Yosemite over the summer, I just sent in the payment for express delivery. Have a great day! You saved the Summer trip!

Posted onJuly 11, 2017
Reviewed byTim Putzel

Sandwich Sign

 I have it.  And I am so very pleased with the workmanship, quality of finished product and customer service I could wear a sandwich sign when I use it. Thank you so very much. 

Posted onMay 15, 2017
Reviewed byCheryl Masters

Excellent service

"thank you for your excellent service, i paid on monday evening and i am sitting in this wonderful erected tent [...] on thursday night amazing service.
the tent is more than our expectations, easy to erect, looks good and nice to be in. i wish to thank all staff, Michael for friendly email and fredrick for advice, the bell tent is right choice, and good price. all transactions including paying in euros was easy. thank you all , we are very happy with our purchase. p s pauline went into tent with centre pole and i have not seen her again" 

Posted onApril 13, 2017
Reviewed byWiliam and Pauline

The last survivor

"We just road out one rough storm we had 70 mph sustained wind and gust to 80 with marble size hail there were other campers with us that had Cabelas tents and REI tents that claim to be 4 season they all folded the only tent left was our new 500 Ultimate !!! It's the best damn tent I have ever seen or used , I will never own anything but a Sibley from Canvas Camp !!!! Thanks for making a product that my family is safe in and comfortable !!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Very Respectfully, 

Posted onMarch 12, 2017
Reviewed byBryan Brown

Fast delivery

Thank you! I must say we are highly satisfied with both customer service as well as the merchandise and speedy delivery. I was shocked when I heard we would receive the tent in 4 days. We're taking it to a music festival in 2 weeks and I will be sure to highly recommend your tents! 

Posted onNovember 30, 2016
Reviewed byLaiken Buechler

a wonderful experience

just returned from holiday in canvas camp bell tent, what a wonderfull tent to be in, it coped with all conditions with flying colours, gales, torrential rain, rain outside water underneath not a drop inside. being inside tent with dappled sunshine coming through trees was wonderful experience. thanks for fantastic tent.

Posted onSeptember 26, 2016
Reviewed byWilliam and Pauline

impossible to find same quality

We stumbled across your site a while ago, and have continued to search for a compatible tent, with the same standards of quality and we simply cannot find anyone else like you guys! We have a music festival coming up at the end of the month and we are super excited to be able to experience it with one of your Sibleys! Send some cards or something, I'm sure we will be asked about it- We haven't seen one of these at a fest in Ohio yet, and we will gladly hype you guys up!

Posted onSeptember 23, 2016
Reviewed byNate Williams

Survived the first storm

Hi there,

I received my 500 Ultimate Pro a little over a week after I ordered it. I was excited to get it set up and check it out before our Fall camping trip. Our plan was to get the tent, set it up, camp in it in our back yard by our pond and get a feel for camping again and what we might need. (It's been a few years) My daughters and I set it up and we followed the instructions as directed. It took us a little longer than 10min to get it up but it was still very easy. The next day I got home and put a hose to it, and then again the day after as directed in the instructions on the website. It was up for a few days when we had an early morning storm come through and as I laid in bed thinking about the tent and how it was getting it's first test I realized that I had left the windows unzipped. Not much of a concern because it seemed like just a steady downpour. Little did I know as I was driving to work I saw tree branches strewn across many roads and it occurred to me that we also had high winds. My boss also told me he was up early at 5am<  and witnessed the high winds and torrential downpours, he lives just a few miles from me. I called the wife and asked her to go out and check on it. She reported that it was dry as a bone inside even with the windows unzipped. She was very impressed!! But that's not all, we had storms off and on all day and when I got home we had more heavy rains with hail and high winds once again. It had nothing on this tent! I as well as my entire family are extremely impressed with this tent and we have not slept one night in it yet! Wow, Canvas Camp you guys make a seriously high quality tent. We are even more excited to get to camping in the Fall with our new second home.

Thank you guys! 


The Martins, West Harrison, Indiana

Posted onAugust 20, 2015
Reviewed byThe Martins