About CanvasCamp

Thanks to our customers’ support we have become one of the world’s leading canvas tent specialists.

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The CanvasCamp ways

Nature creates the setting and backdrop for the CanvasCamp story. It is where it all started and where it still happens today. Nature is where the needs were defined, the seeds were planted and ideas came to life. It is where tough professionals and amateurs still challenge and explore. And where good equipment is key – equipment that suits your needs, ambition and economy. These are the CanvasCamp ways. It has been an invariable part of our business strategy to bring creativity, common sense and rationalism into the innovation of a new product. Our aim has always been to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. We are proud of every product that bears our name. Proud because every single piece of equipment in our range is proof to our innovative point of view and the unmistakable sense of design we are renowned for. And proud because we know for a fact that our products will provide you the best possible experience, no matter how harsh the landscape and climate you choose to challenge when creating memories and exploring the world – the CanvasCamp way. CanvasCamp specializes in the manufacture, hire and sale of 100% pure cotton canvas camping tents and event tents for professional, personal and humanitarian use. We are dedicated to becoming the global benchmark for heavy-duty canvas tents. We carefully look for the best products and materials so as to be able to continuously guarantee the very best quality/price ratio. There is no middleman – we are the source. We will endeavor to answer any question you may have and provide you with the best possible advice our vast experience enables us to. Our passion for tents crosses over to our desire to excel and succeed as a company team. It is evident in all we do and has been translated to our continued success.
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About CanvasCamp.com

CanvasCamp.com represents complete, secure and reliable shopping on the Internet. We offer low prices combined with a high level of expertise and customer service from the specialist 'around the corner'. Everything is well organized into categories allowing you to find what you are looking for without much effort. Your order will be delivered by a reliable courier service. All items are in stock to be able to guarantee fast delivery. You can follow your order online via our tracking and tracing service. Low cost combined with volume production translates into low retail prices. Visit our website regularly as to not miss out on monthly promotions or special offers. Ease: Order from the comfort of your home! You can shop 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (24/7). We are available when it suits you best. Each article is clearly listed and described. We understand how nervous and difficult it can be to commit to an online purchase with only a picture to look at, which is why every tent is sold with a 14-day “not happy= money back” warranty. We can assure you that every CanvasCamp item is meticulously tested and screened to ensure it meets our stringent requirements. Professional advice: All of our employees have gained extensive experience and training in our products and can provide you with expert advice. We value our business as this is our livelihood and passion, and therefore dedicate all our time and attention to it. We hope this is reflected in the personal, polite and prompt professional service we offer.

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