Pro Peg and Stake Set

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Specially designed for high wind or hard and rocky ground, our Pro stakes are made from the same high quality nickel plated steel our poles are made from. CanvasCamp exclusive Pro guy line stakes are 24cm (9.5 inches) angled and serrated to hold up to pounding into frozen or rocky round. A T shaped hook is welded securely to the stop to prevent guy lines from slipping off even in high wind. Pro groundsheet pegs are 50% thicker than standard pegs. The pegs for the floor are round to slip through the grommets on the groundsheet, and have a hook shaped top and hold the floor in place.

These are the same heavy-duty tent pegs which come with a Sibley Pro Tent. They can be used to pitch any Sibley or Sibley Pro Tent. 

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Total weight2.4 / 5.3
  • 17 Pro guy line stakes
  • 15 Pro ground sheet pegs
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