Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison

Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison

Which Size Canvas Tent is Best?

So you want to buy a canvas tent… Start with choosing the right size tent for your intended use. Compare size, capacity, footprint, height clearance and more. Browse the Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison Chart below to dive into the numbers, or click through to explore our collections of 2 person tents, car camping tents, glamping tents and more.

  300 400 450 500 600 600 Twin 700
Vertical view bell tent 300 size bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size bell tent 600 size bell tent 600 twin size bell tent 700 size
Horizontal view bell tent 300 size bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size bell tent 600 size bell tent 600 twin size bell tent 600 size
Diameter 9ft 10in (3m) 13ft 1in (4m) 14ft 9in (4.5m) 16ft 5in (5m) 19ft 8in (6m) 19'8x13'1 (4x6m) 22ft 11in (7m)
Height 6'3 (190cm) 8'2 (250cm) 9' (275cm) 9'10 (300cm) 11'8 (355cm) 9'8 (300cm) 11'8 (355cm)
Area 75ft2(7m2) 134ft2(12.5m2) 172ft2(16m2) 210ft2(19.6m2) 306ft2(28.2m2) 220ft2(20.5m2) 413ft2(38.4m2)
Glamping capacity 1 2 2 4 6 6 8
Camping capacity 3 4 6 8 12 10 16
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2 Person Tents

Canvas Tents for Couples

Car Camping or Glamping. Base Camps or Family Camping. Explore the list of the best canvas tents for two.

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2 Person Tents
4 Person Tents

4 Person Sibley Bell Tents

Not too big, not to small

Four person tents are just the right size. Plenty of space to accommodate friends and family. Not too big for two people. 4 man tents give you the flexibility to camp comfy on every occasion.

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Large Canvas Tents

Huge Tents for Family Camping

Tents bigger than your first apartment. Plenty of space for gear, friends, and family. Easy to set up and small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. Gear up with a big tent for big adventures.

Explore Large Canvas Tents

Large Canvas Tents
Luxury Glamping Tent

Luxury Glamping Tents

The Ultimate Tent for Camping Fancy

All weather tents with tons of space and convenient features to upgrade your camping experience to serious glamping.

Explore Glamping Tents

Sibley 300

Small Canvas Tent for 2 People

The Sibley 300 is the smallest Sibley tent but it's still plenty of space for 2 people. The 300 is the only bell tent without a center pole. This cozy camping tent relies on a tri-pod pole system, meaning you can put a double mattress right in the center of the tent.

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Sibley 300 Size Infographic
Sibley 400 Size Infographic

Sibley 400

Perfect for Car Camping Couples

The Sibley 400 is the perfect camping tent for 2 to 4 people with gear. The 400 is small enough for quick weekend adventures and large enough for week-long expeditions. Complete set up in less than 10 minutes!

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Sibley 450

The Goldilocks of Camping Tents

Not too big, not too small, the Sibley 450 is just the right size. Camping or Glamping, couples or families, short trips or epic adventures….the 450 is the most versatile size of canvas tent available. If you're having a hard time choosing the right size tent - look no further!

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Sibley 450 Size Infographic
Sibley 500 Size Infographic

Sibley 500

The Bestselling Tent Size

The Siley 500 is the most popular canvas tent size - the same square footage as an average bedroom! The 500 is the ideal size for family camping or glamping couples that want tons of space. Although the 500 is heavy duty, it's still small enough to fit in a standard car trunk and takes just one person 10 minutes to set up!

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Sibley 600 Bell Tent

Larger than your first apartment!

The Sibley 600 is the largest canvas bell tent on the market. The 600 is a hotel room sized tent that takes less then 15 minutes to set up. A favorite tent for glamping and basecamps, the Sibley 600 can easily accommodate an entire boy scout troupe or a California king bed (or two).

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Sibley 600 Size Infographic
Sibley 600 Twin Size Infographic

Sibley 600 Twin Tent

High Ceilings for Camping Royalty

The preferred tent design for camping kings and queens, the Sibley Twin is also known as the Emperor tent or Medieval wedge tent. The Twin's two center poles double the 'walkaround room' inside the tent - giving it the most spacious interior feel of all of the Sibley tents.

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Sibley Double Door Tents

Two Doors for Easy Access

Sibley Double Doors are large canvas bell tents with two doors - one on each side of the tent. The dual doors make it easy for families and groups to camp together without climbing over each other to get in and out of the tent. Double Doors are the favorite tent for professional glamping operations because they l can accommodate a full suite of furniture, have lots of airflow, and photograph beautifully!

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Double Door Tents
Sibley Bell Tent

Why Buy a Sibley Bell Tent

The Best Canvas Tent for Camping for Glamping

Learn why the Sibley Bell Tent is the best tent ever. Take a closer look at the features and craftsmanship that makes the Sibley the most popular camping tent of 2019.

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Compare Sibley Bell Tent Series

Choose the right Sibley for you.

Now you know which size tent is right for you it's time to pick which features you need! Review and compare the different Sibley Bell Tent Series. Get all the features you need for your next adventure and none that you don't.

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