2 Person Tents

2 Person Tents

The Best Glamping & Camping Tents for Two People

Camping together is a powerful bonding experience. It's also a great way to get away without buying a ticket or a hotel room. Choosing the right tent for your adventures is the most important part. Explore the list below of the best 2 person tents!

Best Car Camping Tent for 2

The most popular camping tent for two

Portable and easy to set up tents for road trips. Wherever your adventures take you, you'll want to stretch out, unwind and enjoy your destination. All weather canvas tents for two to keep you cool when it's hot, warm and dry when it's not. All the space of a big tent, without the hassle.

Car Camping Tent
2 Person Glamping Tent

Best Glamping Tent for 2

Luxury camping tents for couples

Glamping is just camping without roughing it. Bedroom sized tents can be outfitted with all the comforts of home. Loaded with features for camping comfortably in all four seasons. Glamping tents are prefect for romantic camping getaways or year round use.

Best Four Season Tents for 2

All weather camping tents for couples

All season tents provide the performance and protection necessary to camp comfortably year round. Big enough to practice hand stands while you wait out a storm. Small enough to fit in your trunk. The best tent for 2 people that are ready for anything!

2 Person Four Season Tent
Base Camp Tent 2 Person

Best Base Camp Tent for 2

Easy up tents for long camping trips

Base camp tents are a launching pad and refueling station for adventures. More than just a comfy place to sleep; base tents for two are big enough to store and access gear, cook, clean up, and prepare for or recover from the mission at hand. Hike further, climb higher, and camp longer by traveling light and spending less time puttering around camp.

Best Canopy Tent for 2

Wind Resistant Shade, Shelter, and Privacy Tent

Nothing ruins a camping trip like being confined to a tiny tent by the weather. Pop up a canopy tent to guarantee you have a place to store and access your gear, cook, change clothes, bathe, and hang out. Canopy tents are the perfect shelter from rain, cold, sun, wind, and prying eyes.

Canopy Tent
Canvas Dome Tent 2 Man

Best Dome Tent for 2

Classic 2 Man Canvas Camping Tent

If you wouldn't use a plastic bag as a rain jacket, why use one as a tent? The 2 man dome tent is the most common style of camping tent because it's light and cheap. Most are cheap because they are made of thin plastic that ends up in a landfill as soon as it rips. Canvas is significantly more breathable, durable, and repairable as a tent material. For short and light camping trips the Canvas Dome Tent will have you covered for years.

Best Backpacking Tent for 2

Ultralight tents for the 10% of campers that carry stuff

90% of all camping takes place within 100 yards of a car, house, ATV, or RV. Backpackers are the only campers with a vested interest in small and light tents. Backpackers have hundreds of choices when it comes to tents...but if we had to pick one it would be the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2.

Which size tent is Best for you?

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