Burning Man Tents: Free Shipping Direct to Reno

DIY Glamping Yurts for the Playa

Posted on: July 31, 2018
By: Jeff Dobbs
Burning Man Tents: Free Shipping Direct to Reno

Flying in?  Driving in? Want to pick up your tent on the way? CanvasCamp will ship and store your tent for free to the Burning Man UPS Store for the month of August.

How it works

Place your order before August 13th and use the address below as your shipping address and put "Ship to Burning Man UPS" in the order notes.  A valid photo ID matching the name you list at your 'ship to' name will be required for the package to be picked up.

Make sure you pick up rebar stakes to properly secure your tent on the playa.  Check out Burning Man's Rebar Safety 101 for more information.


CUSTOMER NAME (The person picking up the tent, matching ID required!)

ICO: CanvasCamp
561 Keystone Ave
Reno, NV 89503

(Your phone number)


What you need

  • Your name (your real name- first & last, not your Playa name) & CanvasCamp must be on the label or UPS will not release your tent to you. So don’t forget to include them, along with your phone number,  when filling out your shipping address on our website.

  • A valid ID or passport to pick up your tent at Reno UPS.

  • If someone else is picking up your tent, put the tent in their name.

  • Due to the high wind conditions at Burning Man, bent rebar stakes (approximately 2 feet long) are recommended and available at most hardware stores.

  • Tents that are used for Burning Man may not be covered under warranty or the 14-day money back guarantee. The warranty will not apply to tents that are covered in playa dust or damaged by fire, wind, or show signs of being pitched and/or secured improperly.

  • Go see Daft Punk at the trash fence!


Best Tents for the 2018 burn!

Sibley 400 Ultimate (Click to Shop)

Sibley 400 Ultimate

The Ultimate features roll up walls, no-see-um mesh covered vents and windows, and a burly rip-stop floor!  A spacious set up for two to lounge in luxury!

Sibley 450 ProTech (Click to Shop)

Sibleys on Playa

The Best Festival Tent around!  With 172 ft²  (15,8 m²) of floor space, the 450 ProTech is the perfect set up for a group to crash and hang. Plenty of space to invite your new friends over!  

Flex Tent (Click to Shop)

Flex on Playa

If you’ve burned in the last 2 years, you have probably been under a CanvasCamp Flex tent which circle the foot of The Man!  Available in a variety of sizes, the Flex can cover any space and any size crowd. They’re the ultimate camping shade structures!

Obelisk Shower Tent (Click to Shop)

Burning Man Tents: Free Shipping Direct to Reno 1

Thinking of what to bring to burning man? Bet you didn't think of a shower tent? The Obelisk is a great option! Don’t forget to read up on Burning Man’s Grey Water Disposal Guidelines, so you know how to clean up properly.


How to pitch a Sibley Bell Tent

Since you’re picking up your tent in Reno and haven’t had a chance to set it up in your backyard first to see how it all comes together, check out our video on How to Pitch a Canvas Sibley Bell Tent.

If you're coming from overseas (Europe, Australia, outer space), order your tent via our American website in order to take advanage of the free shipping!


Shop our top picks for the ultimate playa camping package.  Take advantage of our free shipping and ship your tent directly to Reno.