CoolAir Sunscreen Square Large

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Hanging a big CoolAir awining above your terrace will make the blistering sun a lot more bearable as cool air is still able to pass through. Eventhough UV rays are filtered up to 90%, the CoolAir is very colourfast.

Dimensions: 17ft 8" x 17ft 8"

The knitted sail allows cool air to pass through and hot air to escape, thus creating a refreshing and comfortable place to sit outside, even on a hot summer day. The temperature under the sail can be up to 32% cooler in comparison to direct sunlight. Our CoolAir sails are suitable for a variety of options and available in different sizes, colours and shapes.

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Size17ft 8" x 17ft 8"
Total weight (lbs)11.4
    • Large square Coolair sunscreen
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