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The Flex Q1 stretch tent is the perfect party tent for private events. Combining elegant design and excellent quality, it’s ideal for occasional personal use. Elevate your garden parties to the next level and 'wow' your guests. The 22.2 oz/yd2 single coated fabric is flexible and allows you to choose how to set up the tent. Get the optional modular pole set and you can fit the whole tent in the trunk of your car and set it up anywhere.

The party just got bigger? No problem! Use the clamps to connect two stretch tents so you can have even more friends over, easy and 100% waterproof, as long as you install a protective cover over the two adjoining seams.

Note: Flex tents may take 10 to 12 weeks to produce and deliver. Order well ahead of time.


Our Flex tents utilize the latest in zero-memory synthetic waterproof fabrics. At the core of this synthetic laminate is an incredibly strong 4-way polyamide knit which allows the material to stretch without developing “memory”. Once pressure is removed from the fabric, it slowly returns to its original shape, eliminating fabric distortions after multiple uses. A polyurethane (PU) coating is applied to the laminate, adding additional waterproofing, as well as UV protection and flame retardant. For light-duty applications, we offer Flex Q1 tents with only one side coated in PU.


Every Flex Q1 tent ships with a complete clamp kit and all the necessary hardware. Each clamp holds the edge of the fabric firmly by squeezing an elastic cord which is permanently welded into the edge of the tent. The clamps can be moved to any location along the edge of the tent, providing easy set up, customization and limitless anchor points. Each tent also ships with a complete rope and stake set for the clamp kit, allowing you to pitch it in its classic configuration with all four sides raised, but we encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Flex tents can be attached to buildings, set up on the beach, over pools, on rooftops, patios or in your own backyard in endless different configurations.


Every Flex tent includes two pole adaptor sets; one for the accessory metal poles sold by CanvasCamp, and a second set to adapt wooden poles you supply yourself. Also included is a complete set of pole bases so you can anchor your poles on hard surfaces or protect a wooden deck.

While our accessory pole kits offer exceptional portability, most customers prefer the aesthetics of wood or bamboo. Furniture grade wooden poles have a warmer look and feel, and they’re also more cost effective to source locally. Most post and pole supply companies that cater to farm fencing will cut beautiful wooden poles to your specifications at a great price. Sometimes for even less than the accessory pole set that we sell.

When using metal poles: All interior pole ends need to be capped with our dome-shaped pole tops to prevent damage to the fabric. Pole diameter cannot exceed 1,5” so that the pole top can slide over the pole. Clamp hardware must be assembled with the metal pole adaptors. The plastic pole adaptors slip inside the metal pole ends for the perimeter poles.

When using wood/bamboo poles: All interior pole ends need to be capped with our dome-shaped pole tops to prevent damage to the fabric. Pole-top adaptors must be screwed into the end of each wooden pole (wood screws not included) for the pole tops to sit on. Clamps should be assembled without the metal pole adaptors, exposing the bolt which holds the clamp together. Perimeter poles must be drilled out 1/2” for the bolt to slip in.


  21'3 x 16'5 21'3 x 21'3 21'3 x 32'9 27'9 x 32'9 32'9 x 32'9 32'9 x 39'3 32'9 x 49'2 32'9 x 65'7
Seated capacity 20 27 42 55 65 80 100 130
Standing capacity 32 42 65 85 100 120 150 200
Width 21'3 21'3 21'3 27'9 32'9 32'9 32'9 32'9
Length 16'5 21'3 32'9 32'9 32'9 39'3 49'2 65'7
Surface area 38yd2 50yd2 77yd2 101yd2 119yd2 143yd2 179yd2 239yd2
Weight fabric 48lbs 55lbs 77lbs 99lbs 115lbs 130lbs 147lbs 165lbs
Dimensions when packed 39"x20"x8" 100x50x50cm 100x50x50cm 100x70x70cm 100x70x70cm 100x70x70cm 100x70x70cm 150x70x70cm
Setup time 30min 30min 30min 30min 1h 1h 1h 1,5h

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  21'3 x 16'5 21'3 x 21'3 21'3 x 32'9 27'9 x 32'9 32'9 x 32'9 32'9 x 39'3
Side clamps 12 12 18 18 24 24
Corner clamps 4 4 4 4 4 4
T-profile pegs 12 12 14 14 16 16
Ropes 20 20 26 26 32 32
Pole cap 1 1 5 5 6 6
Pole adaptor 1 1 5 5 6 6
PVC storage bag

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