Sibley 500 Diamond Fire

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All Sibley Bell Tents can be used safely with a wood burning tent stove when responsible fire safety practices are followed. The Sibley 500 Diamond Fire is made of fire retardant Diamond Fire Canvas (440 gr/m² or 13 oz/yd²). Measuring 5 meters (16ft 5in) in diameter with 19,6 m² (210 ft²) of floor space, the diamond fire is large enough families and groups of 2-6 people. The fireproofing treatment on this heavy weight tent also protects the canvas from rain, sun, and mold longer than any other type of canvas treatment, however, it also limits breathability. The Diamond Fire is best suited for living off grid in Alaska, or when fireproofing is specifically required for insurance purposes. For all other uses we recommend the Sibley Pro Series.

Made of 100% cotton canvas.
CanvasCamp is the only bell tent manufacturer to proudly bear the Seal of Cotton™.

The 500 is ideal for 4 glampers on queen beds or as many as 8 campers on sleeping pads.

Attached Groundsheet

Our Diamond Fire Groundsheet (650 gr/m² or 19.17 oz/yd²) is made of  the same durable, thermally welded, PVC on the PRO Series.  Instead of a zipper attachment like the PRO Series, the Diamond Fire groundsheet is sewn directly onto the tent wall, similar to the Deluxe Series.  Completely water and vapor impenetrable, the ‘bathtub style’ floor rises 4 inches high to keep you dry even in standing water.  A tail gate style system with secure hooks and loops allows you to drop the bathtub wall near the door and peg it flat to prevent tripping and facilitate easy cleaning.  Quality stitching attaches the groundsheet to the tent keeping it simple and durable.  Because the groundsheet is attached to the tent the walls on the Diamond Fire cannot be rolled up.  Take a peek at our Ultimate or PRO series for a detachable floor and the ability to roll up the sidewalls.

Diamond Fire Canvas: Breathability & Waterproofing

For most users our PRO Canvas on our PRO and ProTech series is the right combination of breathability and high performance protection. If your living in a canvas tent year round in especially harsh climates the Diamond Fire is for you.  Diamond Fire Canvas (440 gr/m² or 13 oz/yd²) is made from 100% cotton canvas army duck that has been treated for water, mold, and UV resistance along with an additional treatment process to add a fireproof coating. 

The fireproofing treatment adds extra protection against the elements but reduces breathability.

Most moisture enters a tent through the ground, so the attached groundsheet mitigates water vapor from entering your tent in the first place.  However, moisture in the air is unavoidable in hot and humid environments.  If you have ever woken up slightly damp in a traditional plastic camping tent, that’s the effect of condensation on a nonbreathable tent.  Fireproof coatings can prevent ambient moisture from escaping directly through the canvas, causing condensation to form.  Fortunately, even a heavily treated canvas like the Diamond Fire is more breathable than a nylon or plastic coated tent, so if fireproofing is a requirement for your application the Diamond Fire is the best of both worlds.   

The fibers on a new Diamond Fire Canvas as so well protected by the coating there may be some inconsequential spot leakage around the seams the first time it gets rained on.  By hosing down your tent before your first use the stitching threads can expand naturally and seal the tent and making it waterproof.

Diamond Fire Canvas: Fire Retardant

The Diamond Fire exceeds the most stringent standards for fireproofing and is recommended for applications which require specific certifications for insurance or licensing purposes. The Diamond Fire ideal for living in your tent long term or camping in especially harsh environments like Alaska. A Diamond Fire can be necessary when used as part of a permanent structure or for indoor use like a stage, performance, or art installation.

Developed in collaboration with UTEXBEL and the University of Ghent, Diamond Fire Canvas is manufactured exclusively in Belgium to the highest standards for health, environmental protection, and fire safety.  European standards are globally recognized as the most comprehensive, restrictive, and effective standards in the world for performance textiles. CanvasCamp partnered with textile powerhouse UTEXBEL to make the Diamond Fire as effective as Sunforger without the use of toxic chemicals.

All CanvasCamp cotton canvas tents meet or exceed the industry recognized standard for safe use with a tent stove.  Fireproof is a laymen’s term that is often used (or misused) to describe a material that is nonflammable, incombustible, fire resistant, flame resistant, flame retardant, or heatproof.  Technically, there is nothing in the physical universe we occupy that won’t burn under the right circumstances.  Educate yourself and remain vigilant about fire safety.  Read more about fire resistant tents and safe stove use on our blog.

100% Cotton Canvas

Our Sibley canvas is made exclusively from 100% cotton.  Cotton is made from the seed hair of this hardy and drought tolerant plant. Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth.  Our canvas is a soft, natural, earthy beige that glows inside and out with natural or artificial light.  CanvasCamp is the only tent manufacture to carry the official Seal of Cotton®.

Standard Stakes and Pegs

The Standard stakes and pegs included with the Diamond Fire are designed for easy insertion and removal from average earth, like grass or forest floor.  The stakes for the guy lines are curved like a shovel to securely hold tension in the ground, and have a lip at the top to prevent the guy line from slipping off. The pegs for the floor are round to slip through the grommets on the groundsheet, and have a hook shaped top and hold the floor in place.  All standard stakes and pegs measure 22cm (8.6 inches).  Many Diamond Fire users end up camping in difficult and variable ground that may require different stakes than those included.  Shop our selection of pegs and stakes and determine which type will be best for you.

Diamond Fire Guy Lines and Tensioners

The Diamond Fire guy lines are thick 6mm nylon rope made for years of use and abuse. Unique wooden tensioners hold tension for long periods of time won’t cut into your guy lines like metal tensioners.

Diamond Fire Spring Loaded Poles

The poles on the Diamond Fire series are the thickest and strongest of all the bell tents.  Diamond Fire door poles are 26mm (1 inch) and the center pole is 32mm (1.25 inches) in diameter.  Internal spring loaded wires guide the pole sections together for quick and easy assembly.   

Dimond Fire Windows and Vents

The Diamond Fire 500 has 2 rectangular windows backed with a heavier bug netting than the other Sibley’s. Four mesh backed peak vents keep the bugs out while providing ventilation and airflow.  Each window is equipped with loop fasteners to neatly store the canvas covers.

Stove Compatibility

All CanvasCamp tents are easily adaptable for use with a wood burning tent stove.  Proper stove placement is dependent on stove size, tent size, flu exit style, desired temperature, and the environment you intend to camp in.  One size fits all, pre-installed stove jacks fail to provide customers with the level of customization necessary to achieve ideal stove placement and maximum utility.   To ensure proper placement and ideal efficiency, CanvasCamp offers modular stove jacks (sold separately) that can be easily installed in any cotton canvas bell tent in just a few minutes.  Stove jacks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose the jack that fits your tent and stove perfectly.

Read our blog or contact us to learn more about the best stove and placement for your specific application. 

Canvas bell tents are not for use with open fire pits. Fire safety is the responsibility of the user.  We encourage you to educate yourself and practice vigilant fire safety.  Read our FAQ and blogs to learn more about fire safety.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time.  Always check local fire restrictions prior to starting a fire as rules and regulations may change frequently throughout the year.  CanvasCamp cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents.

More Information
Floor Space210 ft²
Diameter500 (16ft 5in)
Height9ft 10in
Door Height5ft 9in
Weight (lbs)85
Max Capacity8
Canvas TypeFire Retardant (13 oz/yd²)
Floor MaterialPro (19.17 oz/yd²)
Floor AttachmentSewn In
Mesh Door TypeNot Compatible
Integraded Mesh WallNo
Peg TypeHeavy Duty
Compatibility Inner TentNo
Total weight (lbs)85.6
Boxed Dimensions (1) (cm)110x40x33

Sibley 500 Diamond Fire Bell Tent Size Measurements Infographic Metric

Sibley 500 Diamond Fire Bell Tent Size Measurements Infographic Standard

  • Diamond Fire Canvas Tent (440 gr/m² or 13 oz/yd²)
  • Sewn in Diamond Fire Groundsheet (650 gr/m² or 19.17 oz/yd²)
  • 32mm (1-1/4”) spring-loaded nickel plated steel center pole with rubber feet
  • 26mm (1-1/32”) spring-loaded nickel plated steel A-frame pole with rubber feet
  • 13 5mm UV-resistant guy ropes with tensioners
  • 13 guy line stakes
  • 12 pro ground sheet pegs
  • 3 no-seeum mesh covered peak vents
  • 3 no-seeum mesh rectangular with zip up canvas cover
  • Cotton canvas carry bag
  • Pole and stake bags
  • Pole spring repair kit
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