Sibley Canvas Tent Sale

Sibley Canvas Tent Sale

New Years Sale: December 26th, 2021 to January 7th, 2022

10% off any Sibley Ultimate 400, 450, or 500

There has never been a better time to start prepping for your next camping adventure – so gear up and get outside with the Sibley Canvas Tent Sale! Heavy duty, waterproof, and breathable - Sibley Ultimate Canvas Tents are an American favorite for camping, glamping, and serious adventures. Take 10% off any Sibley Ultimate 400, 450, or 500 - our most popular sizes!

CanvasCamp has been manufacturing Sibley Bell Tents since 2005 – improving on the geometry of the original, and incorporating modern materials and thoughtfully designed features for four season performance in a wide variety of environments. Timeless design, premium canvas, and quality workmanship has made CanvasCamp the tentmaker of choice for serious campers. The cone shaped canvas and single center pole make the Sibley easy to pitch and pack, and extremely wind and weather resistant.  Sibley Tents rely on tensile strength and thus require the precision craftsmanship of an experienced tentmaker. Accept no substitutes! Often imitated but never duplicated - CanvasCamp is the exclusive manufacturer of Sibley Bell Tents and our Sibley Ultimate is the original feature packed bell tent specifically designed for camping and glamping comfy! 


Read on to learn more about what makes Sibley the Ultimate camping tent.

Variety of Sizes

Sibley Tents are available in 6 sizes – there is a perfect fit for every type of adventure . Compare size, capacity, footprint, height clearance and more. Browse the Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison Chart below to dive into the numbers and click through to the detailed product pages for a complete description of each tent. If you're unsure which size Sibley is right for you, go for the Sibley 450 Ultimate - it's the 'goldilocks' of canvas tents - not too big, not too small!

Sibley 400 Size Infographic

Sibley 400

The Sibley 400 is the perfect canvas tent for 2 to 4 campers with gear. The 400 is small enough for quick weekend adventures and large enough for week-long expeditions.

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Sibley 450

Not too big, not too small, the Sibley 450 is just the right size. If you're having a hard time choosing the right size tent - look no further!

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Sibley 450 Size Infographic
Sibley 500 Size Infographic

Sibley 500

The Siley 500 is the most popular canvas tent size - the same square footage as an average bedroom! The 500 is the ideal size for hunters that want tons of space. Although the 500 is heavy duty, it's still small enough to fit in a standard car trunk and takes just one person 10 minutes to set up.

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Sibley Ultimate Size Comparison

  400 450 500
Vertical view bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size
Horizontal view bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size
Diameter 13'1 (4m) 14'9 (4.5m) 16'5 (5m)
Height 8'2 (2.5m) 9' (2.75m) 9'10 (3m)
Area 134ft2<(12.5m2) 172ft2 (16m2) 210ft2 (19.6m2)
Weight 53lbs 74lbs 77lbs
Capacity 4 6 8
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Ease of Use

Sibley Tents are easy to pitch, pack, and tension. The ability to make and break camp quickly and easily makes camping with the Sibley a breeze – giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Easy to Pitch

Sibley Tents can be pitched in roughly 10 minutes by just one person. Simply stake out the floor, push up the poles, then stake and tension the guy lines.

Easy to Pack

Striking a Sibley is even faster than set up. Pull the stakes, fold the tent canvas to canvas, and roll it up into its own zipper top carry bag. The complete tent, floor, poles, and stakes conveniently pack down to fit in a standard car trunk – the smaller sizes can even be saddled on pack animals.

Easy to Tension

A taut tent is a strong tent – quickly and easily add or remove tension with secure no-slip plastic tensioners that won’t wear out our guylines.

Four Season - All Weather Performance

Adapting to changing weather conditions is essential for any sportsman. A seasoned outdoorsman will tell you “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing” – the same holds true for tents. Any quality canvas tent should keep you dry, but the Sibley Tent has been designed for more than just waterproofing. Sibley Tents are packed with features to keep you and your gear camping comfy in sun, wind, rain, snow, mud, sticks, and mosquitos.

Roll Up Sidewalls

The Sibley Ultimate is equipped with a burly size 10 zipper that attaches the tent canopy to the heavy duty floor - meaning you can roll up the sidewalls or remove the floor completely! Use the tent as a shade, pitch it on a platform with your own custom flooring, or just let the breeze blow through. Ultra versatile and easy to convert to customize your set up in a zip!

Roll Up Side Walls Canvas Tent
Quality Canvas Tent

Quality Canvas

Often imitated but never duplicated, CanvasCamp is the only canvas tent manufacturer that has earned the right to bear the Seal of Cotton for our proprietary 100% cotton long staple canvas. Sustainable, repairable, and retreatable – serious campers agree on the many reasons why canvas tents rule.

Waterproof & Breathable

The Sibley Ultimate is made with naturally waterproof and exceptionally breathable 100% cotton canvas. Plastic tents rely entirely on small vents to circulate air - condensation builds up inside leaving you and your stuff feeling damp. The weave of quality canvas allows moisture to escape directly through the fabric while remaining waterproof from the outside. By regulating humidity our Sibley Classic Canvas keeps you dry when it's raining, cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold.

Waterproof Canvas
Sibley Tent Floor

Bullet Proof Floor

The Sibley signature bathtub style floor is water and vapor impenetrable. Rising 4" up the side wall, the Sibley tent will keep you and your gear dry even in standing water. Gussets on either side of the door allow you to fold the entry way flat to prevent tripping and facilitate easy cleaning. Ultra heavy duty rip stop technology stands up to abrasion from rocks, sticks, and boots.

Wind Resistant

The conical shape of the Sibley and steep slope of the canopy deflects gusts and driving rain – allowing the storm to pass around the tent rather than push against it. A wall tent fights the forces of nature with poles and ropes to hold a large flat sail up against an unstoppable force. When the wind gets wild – the Sibley is in a class of its own.

Wind Resistant canvas Tent

Custom Sibley Tent Accessories

The Sibley Ultimate comes with everything you need to set up camp right out of the box - including the tent, floor, guylines, stakes, poles, and carry bag. It’s also compatible with a range of purpose-built Sibley accessories that enable you to dial in your setup to suit the unique needs of your specific environment. From wood burning tent stoves for sub-freezing temperatures in the Rockies, to Sibley Flys for prolific rain in the Pacific Northwest: Sibley Tents can be geared up with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Tent Stove Compatible

Wood burning tent stoves are a game changer for cold weather camping whether you’re cooking, heating, drying out gear, or boiling water for drinking. Tent stoves are more efficient, safe, and discrete than campfires – reducing your impact on the landscape significantly. All Sibley Tents are tent stove compatible.

Learn more about hot tenting with the Tent Stove Buyers Guide.

Tent Stove Compatible Tent

Stove Jack Compatible

Tent stove placement is not one size fits all. Pre-installed stove jacks are improperly placed for 80% of users. CanvasCamp recommends easy to install modular stove jacks, which allow you to choose the correct size and placement for your specific stove and environment. If you do choose to hot tent you should know how to install a tent stove jack.

Side Exit Stove Compatible

Venting a tent stove flue pipe out the side of your tent is a great option for campers that only hot tent occasionally or are in moderately cold environments where the heat output of the firebox alone is enough to get the job done. Side exiting a tent stove is easy in a Sibley Tent without installing a stove jack.

Fly Compatible

The Sibley Bell Tent Fly is a lightweight nylon shade that can be used as a double roof for the Sibley Tent or as a stand alone shelter for gear, cooking, or basecamp hang out areas. When pitched on top of a Sibley tent the small dead air space creates additional insulation to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not.

Sibley Connector Compatible

Add an optional Sibley Connector as an awning to any size Sibley tent to give you some extra protection from sun and rain. Connectors can also be used to join two or more Sibley tents together for a multi-room tent set up.

Winter Camping Compatible

Some of the best camping takes place when there’s snow on the ground – the beauty of a snow covered landscape is unbeatable, and winter crowds are minimal even in popular locations overrun with people in peak summer months. Sibley Tents are designed for use in winter conditions – extending your camping season and enabling you to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

Winterproof Canvas

Quality canvas wicks moisture – even when frozen. The storm doors and breathable canvas on the Sibley Tent provide superior protection against snow and ice.

Pitching in Deep Snow

Sibley Bell Tents can be pitched directly on snow using a deadman anchor technique – so you can set up your tent even when the snow is bottomless.

Snow Removal

When the sticky stuff falls faster than your tent stove can melt it away, the steep angles of the Sibley Tent canopy make it easy to brush off the extra weight so you can sure up your shelter for the next storm cycle. Quick and easy tent maintenance makes winter camp up-keep a breeze.

Sibley Ultimate Tent Sale 2022

Gear up and get outside with the Sibley Canvas Tent Sale! Take 10% off any 400, 450, or 500 Sibley Ultimate Bell Tent 12/26/21-1/7/22. Free shipping and fast delivery is included for all deliveries to the contiguous 48 states, Canada, and Mexico. Delivery typically takes 5-7 business days. CanvasCamp rarely discounts their flagship series of canvas tents - Share this page with your friends and family before we run out!