Dropshipping Canvas Tents CanvasCamp

Reseller Opportunities for Qualified Partners

Direct from Manufacturer

Dropshipping is a method of fulfillment that allows you to purchase canvas tents from CanvasCamp at a discounted rate and have them shipped directly to your customer. Your profit margin is the difference between the amount you charge your customer and the amount you paid for the item.

Simply list our product for sale on your website, display demo tents in your store, or make sales on the road. Once you’ve sold an item and captured payment from your customer, place an order with CanvasCamp at your discounted rate and we will ship the product to your customer.

Dropshipping is a great method to test your market without the capital investment required for purchasing or managing inventory. Most dropshippers build a business, let it grow, and then purchase wholesale, a large amount of product for resale which you manage and ship directly. Profit margins on wholesale are larger than with dropshipping, yet the input and overhead required for dropshipping is minimal.


Low overhead

Managing and paying for a warehouse. Packing and shipping your orders. Tracking and managing inventory. Continually ordering products and managing stock levels.

Easy to scale

Sell more, make more. Margins increase from according to the total revenue generated in a 12 month rolling period. Dropshipping margins range from 5-20% of MSRP.

Maximize Profits

Expand your product offering with high-value items.

Secure shipping

All tents are shipped insured via major carrier with tracking numbers provided and signatures required for delivery.

Fast Shipping

All items are shipped directly to your customer via our centrally located warehouses. Packages typically arrive within 7-10 business days.

Competitive Pricing Protection

No dropshipper or reseller will be permitted to advertise a price lower than 5% off MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).


  1. Your customer places an order via your website or in person.
  2. You capture payment and any applicable sales tax.
  3. You place your order with CanvasCamp at your discounted rate by logging in to your CanvasCamp account and placing your order to be shipped directly to your customer.
  4. Your customer’s order will be processed the next business day and tracking numbers will be sent to you.
  5. Orders will be shipped insured with a major carrier and should arrive in 7-10 business days.


All Dropshippers will be required to purchase, or provide proof of purchase, of at least one CanvasCamp tent in the series you intend to sell.

A demonstrable history of excellent customer service, industry experience, and a thorough knowledge of CanvasCamp products will be required.

CanvasCamp’s Dropship program is offered exclusively on select CanvasCamp brand products and subject to change or termination at our sole discretion at any time, with or without cause. Acceptance into the Dropshipping program is at CanvasCamp’s sole discretion.

The information contained on this page is intended to provide a broad overview of the Dropshipping program to inform potential partners of the existence of the program and provide guidance on who should apply and why. Complete terms and conditions are disclosed and agreed to in the Dropshipping contracts provided to successful applicants. The contracts are the controlling documents and constitute the entirety agreement. None of the information contained on this page is binding upon CanvasCamp.


The majority of our dropshipping partners are entrepreneurs that use CanvasCamp tents to provide glamping, camping, guiding, outfitting, conference, and event experiences. The Dropshipping program provides CanvasCamp owners, operators, and promoters with the financial incentive to sell CanvasCamp tents to their customers – while also providing the seamless service of delivering a tent to their customer’s door in just a few clicks.

Brick and mortar retail locations with the space to display tents on site are encouraged to apply. Independently owned and operated small businesses are ideal dropshipping partners.

Outdoor associations, hunting clubs, festival and event organizers are encouraged to apply for Dropshipping – and may also be interested in our Volume Discount or Wholesale purchasing options.

In order to protect the integrity of CanvasCamp’s brand, and promote a fair, profitable, and mutually beneficial market environment for our trusted and valued Dropshipping partners – opportunities for ecommerce exclusive businesses are limited and extremely competitive. CanvasCamp’s dropshipping program will not be offered to Amazon or eBay exclusive sellers. All ecommerce applicants must have an established, complete, and thoughtfully designed web shop.

All dropshipping partners must demonstrate:

  • A history of excellent customer service
  • Market reach to a relevant demographic
  • Prior experience and success in the outdoor industry and/or relevant retail sales
  • Mission, vision, and values compatible with CanvasCamp’s brand
  • Thorough knowledge of, and experience with, CanvasCamp tents


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