Volume Discounts

Volume Discount Canvas Tents CanvasCamp

Better Than Wholesale Canvas Tents

No haggle. No hassle. No nonsense.

Volume discount pricing is the best way to purchase multiple canvas tents at a discount, quickly and easily – direct from the manufacturer. CanvasCamp’s volume discount purchasing option is designed to incentivize and reward medium to large orders of our premium quality canvas tents. Volume discounts provide the best of both worlds: the quantity-scaled cost savings of wholesale, and the turn-key convenience of retail.

In order to provide the best tents at the best price, we cut the salesmen out of the equation.


When you purchase multiple tents at a volume discounted rate you are taking advantage of both economy of scale, as well as the conveniences of all-in pricing and fast delivery directly to your door – typically in 5-7 business days. The added value of having a quantity of high-quality tents you trust at your disposal, in a roughly a week, with just a few clicks, is significant. The price per unit for volume discounted pricing is higher than wholesale purchases, however, it is a known cost – no surprises, no hassle, no extra work on your part.

Volume discounted tents are purchased from the stock on hand at our warehouses. The time and resources required to pack, ship, import, deliver, stock, and store the tents are realized by CanvasCamp. The capital investment for both the manufacture and holding of the tents is also realized by CanvasCamp.

Volume discounted purchasing is recommended for customers purchasing 5-30 canvas tents.

When you purchase multiple tents at wholesale you are buying them at lowest price per unit. The price you pay to CanvasCamp for a wholesale order is tents, and tents only. The price per unit on wholesale purchases is lower than volume discounted purchases from our warehouse because the cost and responsibility of shipping, brokerage, import, taxes, fees, handling, etc. from our factory to your intended final destination is not included in the price per unit. Your total delivered cost is dependent on your logistics arrangements and the current tax, tariff, and trade environment at the time of delivery.

Wholesale provides deep discounts to customers purchasing tents directly from our factory. Tents may be available for purchase or manufactured to order depending on the quantity purchased, our production schedule, and global demand. Generally, the lead time on a wholesale order is 90 -120 days. Wholesale tents are sold ‘freight on board’ – meaning that we load the tents onto a ship, then the ownership of the tents passes to you the buyer. As the new owner, you are now responsible for all costs and arrangements for the tents beyond that point.

Wholesale purchasing is recommended for customers purchasing 20+ canvas tents, with several months to allow for delivery.


Transparent Pricing

Discounts are applied to qualified items at checkout. The price displayed is the price you pay – shipping and handling included to the lower 48.

Scalable Discounts

Discounts apply to single order volume. If you order 10 tents at once – you get 10% off. If you buy 5 tents this week, and 5 tents next week – you get 5% off each order.

No Haggle

We cut out the salesmen. Volume discounted purchasing is straightforward and completely automated via our website. No waiting on quotes. No guessing on shipping. Enjoy plug and play purchasing at your fingertips.

No Hassle

Simply place your order and we'll take care of all of the arrangements to have your tents delivered directly to your door. You don't have to lift a finger.

No Pressure

Research, learn, and shop at your own pace. Explore the detailed product information on our website and connect with us via chat, email, or phone with any questions, concerns, ideas, or advice.

Wide selection

Purchase any combination of tents. Volume discounts start with the purchase of any 5 canvas tents of your choice – mix and match styles, series, and sizes to suit your needs.

Fast Delivery

Shipping for in-stock items typically takes 5-7 business days.

Secure Shipping

All orders are insured and signatures are required by the shipping agent prior to release.

Consistent Quality

All tents manufactured and sold by CanvasCamp are produced to the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship – regardless of the buying method.

Direct from Manufacturer

Volume discounted orders are manufactured by CanvasCamp and shipped directly from the stock on hand at our warehouse locations.


  • Purchase 5 or more Canvas Tents and receive 5% off.
  • Purchase 10 or more Canvas Tents and receive 10% off.
  • Purchase 15 or more Canvas Tents and receive 15% off.
  • Purchase 20 or more Canvas Tents and receive 20% off.

Canvas Tents include any combination of in-stock Sibley, Tipi, or Cabin tents.

Once the qualifying quantity of Canvas Tents is met, the corresponding discount will also be applied to the following products:

Awnings/SunscreensShelter Pole Sets  • Inner TentsCanopy ShelterSibley ConnectorSibley Bell Tent FlyShort Guy Poles


Volume discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Volume discounts apply to in-stock products only.

Discounts are scaled to single order purchase volume.

All sales are subject to CanvasCamp’s approval. Standard terms and conditions apply.


Simply complete the form below to request a discount code for the quantity of tents you intend on purchasing. Shop, explore, and build your cart on our website, then apply your discount code at checkout. The price you pay is the price displayed. Once your order is complete you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has shipped you will receive a tracking number. Delivery typically takes 5-7 business days. Signature required for delivery.