Rattan Coffee Table

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    Rattan Coffee Table with a red finishing touch.
    Ideal to place your magazines, books and plates on!

    Measurements: 60 cm in diameter, 40 cm high

    Sustainable Rattan

    Rattan is climbing plant or vine that can grow more than 300 feet in length, making it ideal for weaving large pieces of furniture.  These vines grows quickly and abundantly in tropical climates and the whole plant is used in the production with little waste.  Rattan creates an economic incentive for communities to protect forests, harvesting vines instead of logging trees.

    In addition to its superior sustainability and beauty, genuine rattan is stronger and more durable than synthetic imitations.  Many suppliers of patio furniture use ‘synthetic’ or ‘resin coated’ materials to make outdoor wicker furniture, falsely claiming these man-made alternatives are more ‘environmentally viable’.  Don’t be fooled.   Wire coated with synthetic plastic is harmful to human health and the environment. 

    Microscopic plastic particles pollute our waterways.  Europe, with the lowest rate of contamination worldwide, has plastic particles in 72% of recent tap water samples according to a recent report.  In the US, it’s 94%. Although many plastics are unavoidable in our modern world, choosing a natural organic material that is sustainably and ethically produced is always the better option.

    Wicker Weave

    Wicker is a style of weave that is often associated with rattan, bamboo, or other long vine or reed like materials.  Wicker weave makes excellent outdoor furniture because the gaps in the weave allow water and air to run through it. Water won’t puddle after a rainstorm, and the furniture will dry quickly.  Compared to solid constructions like wood or plastic, woven furniture is much lighter; making it easy to move and transport.  Cushions of any shape, size, color, and finish can be added for comfort and customization.


    Our selection of rattan furniture is handmade in the same location the rattan is harvested, so every piece has unique local character. 


    Our selection of high quality rattan furniture is ideal for glamping in tents, yurts, cabins and more.  It’s adapted to humid climates and naturally mold and water resistant.  This rattan is absolutely beautiful and one of a kind.  Perfect for everyday use inside your home!  Rattan furniture is also made for outdoor use as patio or garden furniture.  Wherever you place it, handmade rattan is stunning addition to any space and a great conversation piece. We recommend storing your rattan furniture indoors during off seasons when you are not using it to keep it in great shape.


    Rattan Maintenance

    Use a soft brush to clean visible dirt or grime.  Retreat and restore rattan with boiled linseed oil. 

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