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The history of Canvascamp

Canvascamp was founded in 2005. The now thriving international tent company with unlimited ambitions has its roots in a one-man business. Led by Frederik Hiergens, a once small tent factory has been converted into an international success story. The company, who used to produce canvas tents for humanitarian ends only, have introduced the canvas tent to the general public, giving birth to the phenomenon currently known as Glamping along the way.

2005 Canvascamp was founded in 2005.

The initial Sibley tent design either has a separate groundsheet or sewnin floor.  


2007 The canvas tent range is completed with a series of group tents & accessories at our customers’ requests.
2008 The ultimate series is launched: canvas tents w/zip-in bathtub floors.
2009 The Tipis are introduced as the even taller relatives of the Sibley/Bell tent. 
2010 The PRO range proves to be a major success among camping owners as the first truly durable Bell tents.

We start the production of elegant event tent structures for events of any kind, named StarShades & Flex tents.

Release of the first 100% fireproof Bell tents.

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