Winnerwell Flue Pipe Heat Shield - Large

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The Winnerwell Flue Pipe Heat Shield prevents the hot flue pipe on the Woodlander Tent Stove from directly contacting the exit point of your tent. The Heat Shield is constructed of three layers of 301 stainless steel which create 2 pockets of air space and approximately 1" of separation from the flue pipe and the exit point. Ventilation holes allow the heat from the interior of the flue pipe to dissipate, significantly reducing the surface temperature on the exterior of the Heat Shield where a stove jack or flashing can be positioned. An angled rain guard is welded to the top of the heat shield to prevent rain and snow from dripping down the flue pipe system and into your tent.  The Heat Shield is compatible with Winnerwell's 3.5" flue pipe system on the Large Woodlander Tent Stoves and strongly recommended for use with the Exit 1 Stove jack.

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  • (1) Winnerwell Triple Wall Flue Pipe Heat Shield - Large
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