• Stretching out the fun
When you’ve got a reason to celebrate, the flex stretch tent has you covered no matter what the weather is.View on Instagram
  • Wondering why you should get a stove for your canvas tent?
More than just cozy, here’s 7 reasons why a tent stove is a great idea. 
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  • Let’s get cozy this month 🔥 
Check out our tent stove buyers’ guide and learn all about how to camp cozy this season
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  • Sometimes you just want to get away. Camping in a Sibley Bell Tent makes it easy to escape the everyday and smile at the sun #WorldSmileDayView on Instagram
  • A quick dip in the river is the best way to wake up! 🥶💦

Thanks @thepopupbnb for the riverside camping inspirationView on Instagram
  • As the sun sets on summer, we pull out our campfire gear to get ready for fall camping. 🍂 

This could be our favorite time of year to camp: less people, hiking without the heat and the smell of roasting marshmallows. What’s not to like?View on Instagram
  • Not a fan of bird poop or tree sap on your tent? 🐦 
The Sibley Fly can help you that.
The Fly protects your tent from dirt and blocks UV rays which extends the life of your canvas tent. It also insulates the tent by creating a thin dead air space that helps regulate temperature. 
It can be freestanding (as seen in photo) so you can throw shade wherever you go.View on Instagram
  • Gemsboks have spectacular horns. This one was nice enough to pose in front of our Sibley 500, which is 3 meters high (9’3”) so you can see just how long they are. 

Share your wild photos with wildlife! Today is #nationalwildlifedayView on Instagram
  • Remember that time when we got dusty in the desert?
#wishiwasthere #ttitd #industwetrust #burningman

Flex tents withstand even the toughest wind.View on Instagram
  • Strawberry fields forever 🍓

Loving the sweet summer days with @nordicpopupsView on Instagram
  • When work doesn’t feel like work. Enjoying our completed tent installation at @daftrecordingstudios #lovewhatyoudoView on Instagram
  • Watching the sunset, while listening to the hypnotic sounds of the water lapping against the raft is the ultimate definition of going with the flow.

As if you needed an excuse to unwind, today is #relaxationday 
What do you do to chill out? 🌅

@vlot_kamp takes chilling out to the next levelView on Instagram
  • Don’t you want to bee on a mountain top? 🐝
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  • What a night! Floating on a picturesque lake, gorgeous glamping, delicious food, too many glasses of wine and lots of laughter. Great #teambuilding evening! Thanks @dinneronthelake for taking such good care of us and sorry for the noise 😬View on Instagram
  • “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss
#GlampingWedding #sayIdo

Check out how our ProTech series rolls up to let the breeze in, but keeps the bugs out. Perfect for sleeping in and lounging around.View on Instagram
  • Life’s a beach and then you camp on one! Loving the summer vibes here. 🐚View on Instagram
  • Flashback to scouting! These tents are filled with memories and fun. Our Patrol tents are in stock and now available in green. 🏕️View on Instagram
  • When you find your place in the sun, sit back and stay a while. ☀️

New product featured:
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  • Camping getaways are perfect for reconnecting with nature and each other. 😘

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  • High country camping with a view.
Getting away from it all makes long weekends feel even longer. Where are you going this weekend? ⛰️
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