Sibley tält är inte bara gjorda för sommaren

Sibley tält är inte bara gjorda för sommaren

Upptäck nya sätt att camping

Discover the Original Sibley Bell Tent

Discover the Original Sibley Bell Tent

World's Best Four Season Tent for Camping and Glamping


Snabb frakt

Miljövänlig bomullscanvas

Återbetalning garanti

Marknadsledande inom canvastält för alla säsonger och väder

Vi är specialister på att utveckla och marknadsföra tält som ger dig glädje i många många år. Våra kunder är privatpersoner, företag och föreningar och finns över hela världen. Exempel är eventföretag, scouter, Bed & Breakfast, familjer och äventyrare.


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Sibley 500 PRO Canvas Bell Tent
Sibley 500 Pro
8 999,00 kr

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Sibley 500 ProTech Canvas Bell Tent
Sibley 500 ProTech
9 999,00 kr

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Sibley 600 ProTech DD Glamping Tent
Sibley 600 ProTech Double Door
12 999,00 kr

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Sibley 450 Ultimate
Sibley 450 Ultimate
6 899,00 kr
Sustainable Cotton Canvas tent material
Breathable Cotton canvas Glamping Tent
responsible manufacturing cotton canvas
raindrops Waterproof Cotton Canvas
Repairable Cotton Canvas Tent

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  • Mom, we hope today is more pleasant than labor was. 👩💐 #HappyMothersDayView on Instagram
  • Meet Flex. The perfect portable party stretch tent. Flex is more flexible than a yoga guru and rolls up small enough to fit into the trunk of your car. 

If you build it, they will come. #partylife #whatgetsyououtdoors #outdooradventures

Product featured: 
size: 5x6.5mView on Instagram
  • Traded in your backstage passes for the backyard? With our Sibley 500 Pro Green, you can still have your own green room. That’s a wrap! 🎬📽️ #oscarsView on Instagram
  • Do you have a doppelgänger? We do, we’ve got twins! Our Sibley Twins now come in 2 colors: sand and green. #lookalike

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  • Surrounded by three volcanoes along Lake Atitlán, this glamping with a view makes us dream of travel. 🌋 

Thanks Free Cerveza for the inspirational photo.View on Instagram
  • This last year hasn’t been easy, but finding what inspires you is what it’s all about. #GoCamping #FindARainbowDay 🌈

“There will always be darkness. There will always be more rain after the storm has ceased. But we need to search for the rainbow between those moments.”
― K. Weikel

Thanks Dinner On The Lake for the inspirational photoView on Instagram
  • Loving the warm, inviting glow of a Sibley at dusk. #cherryglamping makes it so cosy, you want to stay a little longer.View on Instagram
  • Robyn is as badass as the tents we sell. She drove 4 hours to find a spot that wasn’t buried deep in snow to set up our Sibley 700 prototype for a photoshoot AND she did it all by herself! That 700 weighs more than she does. Now that’s badass!

Not only is she our North American VP, go getter and shameless workaholic, but she’s also a cold weather camper, fly fisherwoman, hunter, bordeaux drinker and always up for a laugh. 

Happy Employee Appreciation Day Robyn! We appreciate you, your side ponytail and everything you do! #employeeappreciationday #yourock 💪View on Instagram
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Du kan alltid överraska oss med ett muntert semesterfoto av ditt eget CanvasCamp-tält ute i det fria. Kanske, bara kanske, dyker det upp på vår hemsida....