Sibley Deluxe

Sibley Deluxe Canvas Tents

The Deluxe is the lightest and most economical Sibley with a groundsheet.  The sewn in, bathtub style, waterproof groundsheet on the Deluxe makes it an upgrade from the floorless Standard Series.  The floor is permanently attached to the tent, which means the sides will not roll up as they do in the Standard, Ultimate, PRO, and ProTech Series.

The Deluxe is the perfect solution for those camping, glamping, lounging, hunting, fishing, or casually kickin’ it in mild environments.  Made of the same lightly treated, water resistant, 100% cotton Classic Canvas (320 gr/m² or 9.5 oz/yd²) as our Standard and Ultimate Series; the only difference in design is the fixed floor.

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    sibley 300 deluxe bell tent glamping

    Sibley 300 Deluxe

    kr 3999,00
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    sibley 400 deluxe bell tent desert camping

    Sibley 400 Deluxe

    kr 5499,00
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    sibley 500 deluxe bell tent exotic beach camping

    Sibley 500 Deluxe

    kr 7499,00
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3 artiklar