Sibley Diamond Fire

Sibley Diamond Fire Canvas Tent Series

The PRO and ProTech series offers all the performance protection and luxury features needed for the majority of tough and adventurous campers.  If your ready to commit to that #camplife , or are going off grid to escape hashtags all together, the Diamond Fire is built tough enough to live in full time.  Even in Alaska.  The Diamond Fire Canvas (440 gr/m² or 13 oz/yd²) is as tough as they come.  Developed in collaboration with UTEXBEL and the University of Ghent, the Diamond Fire is treated with an additional fireproof coating which protects the tent from the harshest elements: fire, wind, water, and MOLD!  The Diamond Fire ideal for survivalists, professionally tough people, permanent installations, and picky regulators.

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    sibley 400 diamond fire bell tent fire proof luxury

    Sibley 400 Diamond Fire

    kr 7990,00
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    sibeley 500 diamond fire bell tent fireproof

    Sibley 500 Diamond Fire

    kr 9990,00
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2 artiklar