The Best Glamping Tent

Best Glamping Tent

Meet Sibley: The Ultimate Canvas Tent for Glamping

The best glamping tents offer the perfect balance of burly all weather performance, easy set up, and plenty of space. The most important piece of gear for any camping adventure is a quality tent. At it's heart, glamping is just camping with ease, comfort, and style. The Sibley has been specifically designed to be everything you could want in a serious glamping tent. Read on to learn more about the quality materials and thoughtfully designed features that make Sibley the best glamping tent of 2021.

Easy Set Up

Make and Break Camp Quickly

Tent set up should take less than 15 minutes. Even large heavy-duty tents should be simple an intuitive to pitch. Save time and stress by choosing a tent that's easy-up and study. Stake down - pole up - tension - and get your camp on.

Tons of Space

Available in 6 sizes

Choose a large tent with plenty of space to stand up, walk around, and relax. You should have enough room to store and access your gear without playing Tetris with your stuff. Sibley sizes range from 75 to 220 square feet - large enough for 2 to 12 people all under the same roof! Rain or shine, there's plenty of space in the Sibley to shelter a whole group of people comfortably.

Compare Sibley Sizes

Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison

  300 400 450 500 600 600 Twin
Vertical view bell tent 300 size bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size bell tent 600 size bell tent 600 twin size
Horizontal view bell tent 300 size bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size bell tent 600 size bell tent 600 twin size
Diameter 3m (9ft 10in) 4m (13ft 1in) 4.5m (14ft 9in) 5m (16ft 5in) 6m (19ft 8in) 4x6m (19'8x13'1)
Height 190cm (6'3) 250cm (8'2) 275cm (9') 300cm (9'10) 355cm (11'8) 300cm (9'8)
Area 7m2(75ft2) 12.5m2(134ft2) 16m2(172ft2) 19.6m2(210ft2) 28.2m2(306ft2) 20.5m2(220ft2)
Weight 52lbs 68lbs 80lbs 90lbs 112lbs 134lbs
Capacity 3 4 6 8 12 10
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Breathable Canvas

Waterproof and so much more

Cotton canvas is the best material for tents for many reasons; but breathability my be the best. Plastic tents do not breathe - meaning condensation builds up inside leaving you and your stuff feeling damp. The weave of quality canvas allows moisture to escape directly through the fabric while remaining waterproof from the outside. By regulating humidity canvas keeps you dry when it's raining, cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold.

Learn Why Canvas Rocks

Waterproof Breathable Canvas

Sibley Bell Tent Zipper Floor

No Fuss Flooring

Down to earth but out of the dirt

The Best Tent Floor is, thick, durable, and essential for camping comfy. Rocks, sticks, mud, and water are part of nature; you need a tent floor that will hold up. Don’t rely on a accessory footprint or tarp to do the job your tent floor should be designed for. Look for a heavy weight rip-stop floor that is 100% waterproof and meant to take a beating. 80% of the moisture in a tent enters through the ground - the Sibley ProTech groundsheet is vapor impenetrable - cutting ambient humidity considerably.

Four Season Performance

Camp Comfy Year-round

Blazing sun, driving winds, crisp mornings, and snowy evenings. A quality glamping tent should be equipped to handle the weather for all four seasons. All weather designs go beyond base materials. The shape of the tent itself should shed rain and wind. Windows, doors, and vents should be plentiful and well placed to let you dial in your level of protection for any condition.

Four Season Glamping Tent

Bug Proof

Breeze in - Bugs out!

Hot summer nights are great for camping. You should not have to choose between fresh air or mosquitoes. Make sure your ideal glamping tent is equipped with no-see-um mesh backed windows and doors. The Sibley ProTech goes even further to keep you safe from vector born disease. A zip in - zip out - mesh side wall provides 360 degrees of ventilation and bug protection.

Canvas Tent Accessories

Customizable Comfort

A solid glamping tent should cover all the bases out of the box. You should also have the ability to customize your tent with accessories that make sense for YOU. Add an awning for extra sunny summers. Stay warm when it's cold with an insulating Sibley Bell Tent Fly. Whatever you choose, make sure you have choices!

Canvas Tent Accessory Awning

Tent Stove Compatibility

Portable Wood Burning Stoves - Game Changer

Everyone loves a campfire - a camp stove is even better. Camping with a toasty wood burning stove inside your tent is glamping at its finest. Safe and efficient - tent stoves are perfect for keeping you warm, as well as cooking. Glamping tents should be compatible with a tent stove, but DO NOT buy a glamping tent with a pre-installed stove jack. Proper stove placement varies widely depending on stove and environment; one size does not fit all.

Roll Up Side Walls

& Removable Floor

Glamping is camping without the compromise on comfort. The Sibley ProTech is equipped with a burly size 10 zipper that attaches the tent canopy to the heavy duty floor - meaning you can roll up the side walls! Use the tent as a shade, pitch it on a platform with your own custom flooring, or just let the breeze blow through. Ultra versatile and easy to convert to customize your set up in a zip!

Sibley Glamping Tent Roll Up Side Walls

Sibley Glamping Tent

Sibley Bell Tent

The Best Glamping Tent

Time tested design meets modern camping tent innovation. Engineered specifically as a premium base camp tent for any environment. The Sibley Bell Tent has been designed from the ground up to the best glamping tent.

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