Best Glamping Gear of 2019

15 Luxury Camping Products for Serious Glamping

Posted on: May 22, 2019
By: CanvasCamp
Best Glamping Gear of 2019

There's comfortable camping and then there's luxury camping. Just as car camping follows a slightly different philosophy than backpack camping, glamping takes car camping up another level to include comfort items you may not even have in your own home. When fur rugs and the brocade tablecloth aren't enough, here's the best glamping gear of 2019 to make your next glamping trip completely over the top.

Top 15 Glamping Accessories of 2019

SSB Japanese Chef Knives by Best Made

The S.S.B. Japanese Chef Knives by Best Made

An exceptional knife that lasts forever is one of the best investments any adult can make.  We love Best Made’s knives for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and rustic aesthetic.  Slice up ripe tomatoes, filet a delicate fish, or butcher a whole pig right in camp with the ultra sharp and superbly stylish Japanese Chef Knives.  Now you’re glamping!

Sibley 500 Double Door

Sibley 500 PRO Double Door

Roomy enough to fit two queen sized beds and a queen sized sofa, the 200 square foot (19m2) Sibley 500 Pro Double Door gives you enough space to be sitting in the lap of luxury and entertain friends while hanging out outdoors. With two doors, you don’t have to decide which view you want the entrance to face.

Rumpl Down Blanket

Down Puffy Blanket by Rumpl

“The Cadillac of outdoor blankets”: All the warmth and luxury of ultra fine down with the durability and waterproofing required for camping.  Stay fancy, never compromise, and get your glamp on!

Orland Camp Stove

Orland Camp Stove

Most portable wood stoves are of the “metal box with a pipe” variety. Tom Orland has reinvented the portable camp stove by adding features such as real firebrick lining, door gaskets and glass windows which are features usually only found on a wood stove for your home. The “luxury wood camping stove” is now a reality.

Bev Paw

The Bev Paw

It’s like an Ugg for your hand and your beer.  Supple microsuede and fluffy insulation sheeps wool liner keeps your hand warm and your beverage the right temperature.  Sure you could wear gloves but this is glamping!

Sibley Connector Glamping

Sibley Connector

Sometimes one tent isn't enough space. When you need a second tent as a dedicated bathroom or just an additional room for more guests, the Sibley Tent Connector allows you to connect any 2 Sibley tents together with a waterproof awning.


Honda EU2000i Companion portable whisper generator

Portable solar units are perfect for most camping situations, but if you need a refrigerator, air conditioning, a stereo and complete campsite lighting, there's only one solution. The new generation of whisper generators are compact and produce the same decibel noise level as two people carrying on a conversation.

Honeywell Portable A/C & dehumidifier

Too hot to go camping? Problem solved. Honeywells line of portable air conditioners can provide cooling for a Sibley 600 while being quiet enough that you can sleep next to it.

Zodi Hot Tap HP portable shower

Hard day of glamping? Take a shower and kick back. Though there are quite a few portable power-shower options on the market, Zodi was the 1st, is still the most rugged and their wide range of accessories make any of their equipment a must-see.

Intex Ultra Daybed Lounge

Glamping furniture is something of a conundrum. It “should” be more luxurious than a folding chair, yet it has to be transported easily. The simplest solution? An inflatable chaise/daybed! Use it as a couch in the living room area of your Sibley 600 or pile your friends on it under the shade of a CoolAir.

Intex PureSpa portable hot tub

Intex has been a major brand in all-things-inflatable from airbeds to kayaks, but they have really outdone themselves with this portable hot tub. Complete with water filter cartridges, a water heater and a jet bubbler, this single item will make any camping trip the stuff of legends.

Single Serving Cocktail Mixer Kit by Minute Mixology

After a hot shower, a nap on the daybed and a dip in the hot tub there's only one thing missing. But when a beer simply won't cut it, Minute Mixology comes to the rescue with individually packaged craft cocktail ingredients. If you brought your Orland Stove we recommend a Spicy Margarita. If you brought the A/C, try a Coconut Mojito.

LED Twinkle Fairy Lights

LED work lights really do light up a campsite, but lighting doesn't always need to as bright as the sun to be functional. Think of these as “camp mood lighting”. LED light strings are low wattage and come in as many styles as there are stars in the night sky, even if you're not interested in looking at them.

More Unique Glamping Tents:

Sibley 450 Ultimate SE

Sibley 450 Ultimate SE

Is the Sibley 500 just a little too big? The Sibley 450 Ultimate SE is just right. It’s a little smaller without cramping your style, and is still roomy enough to fit a queen sized bed and your glamping accessories and furniture.  The goldilocks of glamping tents!

Tipi 600 Ultimate

Tipi 600 Ultimate

Or perhaps the Sibley 500 is a little too small? The Tipi 600 Ultimate has a cone shape and over 300 square feet (28m2) of floor space to glamp out in. It’s fast and easy to pitch, withstands wind and snow well and has a classic elegant look.

While it’s the little personal touches like decor that really make glamping special, but glamping is also about luxury. Glamping is about having all the comforts of home while being in the great outdoors. There's no reason to not go all-out when you're out.

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