CanvasCamp Spotlight: Glamping with Heritage Inspirations

Inside look at a Glamping Business Success Story

Posted on: May 22, 2018
By: CanvasCamp
CanvasCamp Spotlight: Glamping with Heritage Inspirations

Thinking about starting a glamping business?  Angelisa Murray, Owner and Operator of Heritage Inspirations in New Mexico gave CanvasCamp a glimpse into the mind of a successful glamping tour business.  The market for experiences over products, and experiential tourism over traditional vacations is on the rise.  Read on to learn how Angelisa is crafting her brand to curate in-demand adventures.

Sibley 300 Ultimate

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What is Heritage Inspirations?

Heritage Inspirations offers two glamping tours, in Taos and in Chaco Canyon. Our glamping tours are multi-day excursions with all meals, activities, lodging, transportation and comforts thoughtfully anticipated and provided. Both are an opportunity to connect deeply to the land, adventure into the wild, explore NM history and unwind from civilization, without sacrificing creature comforts. So, while our guests may briefly disconnect from mobile service and develop a sweat, they'll also be creatively inspired while eating gourmet meals and getting a sound sleep in a comfy bed.

Heritage Inspirations Angelisa Murrary

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Why did you choose your particular location?

Heritage Inspirations is all about curating unique and enchanting New Mexico experiences. While New Mexico's motto, the Land of Enchantment can seem trite, there is truth there because New Mexico has something incredibly mystical and special about it. So many factors make NM unique, whether it's the land, the cerulean blue sky, the diverse population, the living heritage, the culture, the art, etc. those factors do all come together in an enchanting way. At Heritage Inspirations we intimately know and love all of these New Mexico qualities and our mission is to share not only enthralling immersive experiences with our clients but take them beyond the ordinary tourist route and transcend traditional boundaries with authentically curated New Mexico excursions.

We visit Chaco Canyon to align with the archeoastronomy of the Equinox and Solstice lighting. The people of Chaco incorporated a variety of solar orientations into their architecture, their art and culture or which included the Fajada Butte solstice marker. These alignments indicate that the people possessed a well-developed knowledge of astronomy and it’s relationship to the seasons. Within this remote UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park it is a once in a lifetime encounter to experience the phenomenon of the sunrise within Casa Rinconada, the largest kiva within the Southwest. Chaco is also designated an International Dark Sky Park making it one of the greatest places to view the start beneath your glamping tent.

Our Taos experiences are perched above a Wild & Scenic river, the Rio Grande that flow 1885 miles in it's length and is protected by the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument status. This incredibly diverse terrain makes for perfect outdoor exploration stand-up paddle boarding, hiking and enjoying yoga among the old growth ponderosa and juniper trees. In this remote area of Taos, the view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range offers breathtaking sunsets of alpine glow and afford another unforgettable opportunity to experience the Night Sky.

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What is your target demographic?

Heritage Inspirations attracts what New Mexico True has identified as venturesome travellers, and in our mind, venturesome travellers combine adventure and cultural interests. You see, adventure tourists want an unusual and exciting experience while cultural tourists want to experience different cultures and delve into the history and heritage of its peoples. Venturesome travellers combine these two factors: immersive adventure with cultural exploration. They appreciate the beauty of natural and cultural environments and want to get to know a place more deeply through active participation, which is precisely what we provide at Heritage Inspirations.

Why do you think your guests chose Heritage Inspirations?

I think our guests want an in-depth immersive experience that goes beyond what they can get on their own. To have someone describe the history and culture, while showing you gorgeous off the beaten track locations, creates a profoundly moving journey of discovery. Besides, we provide personalized, thoroughly planned expeditions with excellent customer service!

Tribe and True Blankets

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Where do you purchase your glamping supplies?

In curating our guest experience, we choose items that complement our local and make our guests as comfortable as possible.  

I personally love Native blankets from Tribe and True because they provide a Southwest ambiance and that expected splash of color. They have vibrant handmade textiles from around the world. So, imagine if you will, a visitor staying in luxury canvas tent wrapped up in a Peruvian blanket, while resting their head on Turkish Kilim pillows and listening to music under the stars. How fabulous and glampy is that?!

For tents we chose CanvasCamp’s Sibley Bell Tent for their quick set up, durability, and high quality luxury feel.  The guests love them and they are a good fit for our aesthetic. Sibley tents allow us to to provide five star comfort under the stars and invest more in our mission: crafting inspirational experiences that elevate your senses, palate and passion for the Land of Enchantment!. After all, the heart of the Heritage Inspirations the experience of the lands, the history, and the culture.

Sibley Bell Tents

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