How to Start a Glamping Business

Glamping Business Start Up

Best Practices & Insider Tips for Glamping Professionals

The ‘glamping’ trend is exploding across the country. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of providing unique outdoor experiences is an easy way for any CanvasCamp owner to earn some extra cash. Whether you are looking to offset your mortgage payment, start your own glamping business, or just fill up the tank for your next adventure, we’ve got some tips to help get you started.

...or just some expert advice on how to start your own glamping business

What is Glamping?

Camping - Just Easier

Glamping - mash up of “glamour” and “camping” - is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Glamping is a buzzword that can be applied to range accommodation styles, from Airstreams to tree houses...but real glamping is IN TENTS!

Glamping Tents

Glamping Business Tents

Start with Tents

High Demand - Low Capital Investment

Providing an authentic experience creates an intimate relationship between travelers and locations, customs, and culture. Tents bring you closer - physically and emotionally. Tents are also temporary structures that do not require building permits! You can move them, store them, sell them, and rent them off site! Prove your model with a flexible product.

Choose the Right Glamping Tent

Do Your Research

Compare sizes and styles to choose the best tent to bring your vision to life. Buy tents that perform well in your specific environment. As a business owner you will want a product that is durable, easy to use, and repairable. Customers look for comfort, style, and features that make it easy to crack a window in the summer or light up a tent stove in the fall. Get your hands on the product and test it yourself!

Compare Sibley Bell Tents

Large Glamping Tent

Variety of Sizes

Sibley canvas tent are the best glamping tents to start or expand a glamping business. Start with choosing the right size tent for your intended use. Compare size, capacity, footprint, height clearance and more. Browse the Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison Chart below to dive into the numbers and click through to the detailed product pages for a complete description of each tent.

Sibley Bell Tent Size Comparison

300 400 450 500 600 600 Twin
Vertical view bell tent 300 size bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size bell tent 600 size bell tent 600 twin size
Horizontal view bell tent 300 size bell tent 400 size bell tent 450 size bell tent 500 size bell tent 600 size bell tent 600 twin size
Diameter 3m (9ft 10in) 4m (13ft 1in) 4.5m (14ft 9in) 5m (16ft 5in) 6m (19ft 8in) 4x6m (19'8x13'1)
Height 190cm (6'3) 250cm (8'2) 275cm (9') 300cm (9'10) 355cm (11'8) 300cm (9'8)
Area 7m2(75ft2) 12.5m2(134ft2) 16m2(172ft2) 19.6m2(210ft2) 28.2m2(306ft2) 20.5m2(220ft2)
Weight 52lbs 68lbs 80lbs 90lbs 112lbs 134lbs
Capacity 3 4 6 8 12 10
Shop 300 Shop 400 Shop 450 Shop 500 Shop 600 DD Shop 600 Twin

canvascamp swipe

Winter Glamping Tent

Memories over Amenities

Glamping is not just for the FANCY

Experiential tourism is in demand. People create meaning through direct experience, and that meaning is becoming more important than amenities. Yes, cable TV and hair dryer is convenient, but it's far from memorable. If you've got slice of outdoor heaven, there is a market for outsiders like you looking to share it. To scale up to five stars you have to get started first.

Glamping doesn't have to be Bougie

Luxury is cool, snobbery is not

Don’t get hung up on the concept of fancy if that’s not your wheelhouse. Glamps are diverse with varying levels of elegance and modernity. However, “Glamping” doesn’t speak to everyone. Tents are rugged, technical, and can be marketed toward a broad range of people that are looking for a more primitive experience. You do not need red carpets and white gloves to be successful. However, if 5 star is your niche, get after it!

Luxury Glamping Tent

Sibley Glamping Tents

Embrace your Niche

Play to your strengths

Take stock of your location and what would draw a person to visit. You don’t have to be everything to everyone. If you’re decorating with rustic woodwork, antler, and deer skin rugs, don’t describe it as a whimsical garden retreat for vegans. Be consistent, genuine, and transparent. All parties involved will be happier for it.

Know Your Market

Get the lay of the land - and where you're at

Research what the going rate is for overnight glamping in your area. Airbnb,, and GlampingHub are great places to start. Choose a price point that fits the level of finish, service, and location for the season. Start low and work your way up as you get the hang of catering to guests and improving your experience. Set your customers expectation properly and you'll always be able to exceed it. Earn your stars, don't over promise them.

Tent Glamping Site

Glamping Yurt Tent

Promote that LOCAL Vibe

Everyone wants to be an insider

Empower your guests to make the most out of their visit by recommending local activities, restaurants, or points of interest. Local knowledge and personal recommendations go the extra mile to make your guests stay special. Collect brochures from local businesses that visitors may be interested in. Leave a map to your favorite neighborhood bakery for breakfast in the morning. Suggest a hike that hasn’t made it to the guidebooks yet. Make sure you introduce yourself to the business operators and leave a card to promote your business.

Price Dynamically

Not All Nights are Equal

The value of the experience for the individual guest should be reflective of the nights they occupy. If it’s a holiday weekend in a tourist hot-spot you can raise the price point. If it’s a random Wednesday in rainy season, be the bargain. Too many businesses miss the mark between profitability and customer satisfaction simply because they lack dynamic pricing.

AirBnB Event Tent

Canvas Glamping Tent

Furnish SMART

Shabby Chic Ain't Cheap

All other factors held equal, furnishing and amenities can make the difference between commanding $60 per night and $600. It is also the most variable expense. Invest in comfort first: 1.) The Tent 2.) The Mattress 3.) The Lights. Don't skimp on the basics - do discount decorate. Shipping platforms make great bed frames! Kitschy, mismatched, vintage furniture and rugs could be your niche! Interior design is an art not science. Get creative!

Get the Word Out!

Renting is the new Owning

Collaborative consumption, the economic model of providing access to a good or service without sole ownership through renting or sharing, is changing the game for individuals and entrepreneurs alike. Camping without the hassle and commitment of purchasing, transporting, setting up, taking down, and storing your own gear is opening up the outdoors to people who would not otherwise consider it. There is a platform for renting just about anything you can think of; luxury canvas tents included! Airbnb,, and are excellent ways to market and rent your tents.

Fancy Camping Tent

Festival Glamping Tent

Make it Measurable

Do the Math

Budgeting and forecasting is not just for business folk, it’s simple math and good conservative estimates. Costs less revenue tells you how much you can expect to make over time. Know before you start how many nights you need to book at your minimum price to break even on your investment.

Make More than Money

Your Memory Bank is Equally Important

Making a profit on your CanvasCamp makes those adventures you’ve been putting off more accessible. If you’re a CanvasCamp owner, or considering becoming one, you already know the investment and gains involved aren’t just about the dollars. It’s the quality of life, the connection with others, and the enjoyment of the outdoors that holds the real value in the equation. So get inspired! Be the catalyst! Get Outside!

Night Glamping Tent

Glamping Camping Tent

Be Mobile

Meet your Market

Glamping Events are a largely under served market. There is more demand than vendors offering custom tailored glamping experiences. The flexibility to move tents around on your site to cater to groups, retreats, and weddings is a great way to win new business. Pack up and hit the road to provide glamping options at other venues, festivals, or events! Leveraging mobility to diversify your revenue stream will keep you busy and keep your investment earning.

Get Expert Advice

Learn from the experiences of others

Reach out to companies and individuals that have experience in the glamping busiess. Although the industry is growing - it's still in the early stages and most major players are receptive to talking with like-minded glamping entrepenures. Conferences like the The Glamping Show USA are a great place to network, learn, and get inspired. CanvasCamp as worked with hundreds of new and expanding glamping businesses and offers free consultation services.

Professional Luxury Glamping Tent

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