Side Panels Starshade 1700 Pro

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Side panel for a StarShade 1700 Pro Tent. Optional walls that zip in to any of the Starshades 6 elegant archways for extra protection from sun, wind, rain, or prying eyes. You can't control the weather at your special occasion but you can plan ahead for it with the right party tent. Every side panel has a vertical zipper in the front to provide easy access, turning the side wall into a door at a moment’s notice.

Available in two colors: transparent and white.
Every side panel is equipped with an integrated door.

Note that adding side panels reduces wind resistance by preventing wind from passing through the structure - the large flat surfaces of the side panels can act as a sail on a ship - catching wind and exerting force on the stakes and poles that maintain the structures integrity. Always position side panels on windward side of the Starshade. Always position entryways perpendicular to the prevailing wind. Never leave a Starshade unattended with side panels in place.

  • 1 Starshade 1700 side panel (choose clear or white)
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