Flex Stretch Tent Q1 - 8.5 x 8.5

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The Flex Q1 is a light duty event tent ideal for backyard parties, personal use, and portability. Like a giant blanket fort for adults, the Flex can be set up in endlessly creative variations to create a visually stunning shelter from rain and sun. This Flex Stretch Tent Q1 is available in a variety of tent and pole colors.

Every Flex Tent Q1 includes all of the parts and accessories necessary to pitch the tent: poles, tie downs, stakes, clamps, and carry bags.

Flex tents are like giant blanket forts - poles can be pushed up to create a variety of shapes, heights, and entrances that complement your space and use. Modular aluminum pole sets offer exceptional portability and are available in 2 colors - aluminum and green.

Clamps hold the edge of the fabric firmly by squeezing an elastic cord which is permanently welded into the edge of the tent. The clamps can be moved to any location along the edge of the tent, providing easy set up, customization, and limitless anchor points.

Tie-downs connecting the stakes to the clamps can be tensioned to give the tent strength and structure.

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Peso del tessuto270gr/m2
Peso totale52kg (115lbs)
Boxed Dimensions (1)120 x 26 x 25cm (47 x 10 x 10in)
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