Flex Stretch Tent Q2 Pole Set XXL

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Flex Stretch Tent Q2 Pole Set size XXL compatible with flex tent size: 10 x 21.5m (33 x 71ft)

Flex tents are like giant blanket forts - poles can be pushed up to create a variety of shapes, heights, and entrances that complement your space and use.

Every Flex Q2 tent includes two pole adaptor sets; one for the accessory metal poles sold by CanvasCamp, and a second set to adapt wooden poles you supply yourself. Also included is a complete set of pole bases so you can anchor your poles on hard surfaces or protect a wooden deck.

Modular aluminum pole sets offer exceptional portability and are available in 2 colors - aluminum and green.

While our accessory pole kits offer exceptional portability, most customers prefer the aesthetics of wood or bamboo. Furniture grade wooden poles have a warmer look and feel, and they’re also more cost effective to source locally. Most post and pole supply companies that cater to farm fencing will cut beautiful wooden poles to your specifications at a great price. Sometimes for even less than the accessory pole set that we sell.

When using wood/bamboo poles: All interior pole ends need to be capped with our dome-shaped pole tops to prevent damage to the fabric. Pole-top adaptors must be screwed into the end of each wooden pole (wood screws not included) for the pole tops to sit on. Clamps should be assembled without the metal pole adaptors, exposing the bolt which holds the clamp together. Perimeter poles must be drilled out 1,25cm (1/2”) for the bolt to slip in.

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Peso totale156kg (344lbs)
Boxed Dimensions (1)120 x 80 x 40cm (47 x 31 x 16in)
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