Flex Stretch Tent Q2 Stake Set XXL

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Flex Stretch Tent Q2 Stake Set size XXL compatible with flex tent size: 10 x 21.5m (33 x 71ft). Includes (20) stakes.

Stakes: 80cm (31.5in) vs. 110cm (43in)

Stakes are essential accessories for any flex tent. For the most secure pitch, you want as much stake as you can possibly get into the ground. Stakes are available in two lengths: 80cm (31.5 in) and 110cm (43in).

Flex tents are huge sails that must be properly secured and tensioned for safe use. Tension is added with tie downs, tie downs must be connected to a firm pick point which is usually a stake.

Choosing Stake Length

80cm (31.5 in): For very hard ground and small tents no larger than to 8.5 x 10m (28 x 33ft)

110cm (43in): For sand, soft ground, large tents, and windy conditions - go with the 110cm (43in). Soft ground includes grass and dirt. Rain makes ground softer - so plan ahead..

Note: Drive your stakes into the ground so that a maximum of 5 inches of the top of the stake is above ground. Sledge hammer recommended, not included.

Maggiori Informazioni
Peso totale80cm: 60kg (132lbs) 110cm: 90kg (198lbs)
Boxed Dimensions (1)80cm: 82 x 40 x 30cm (32 x 16 x 12in) 110cm: 112 x 40 x 30cm (44 x 16 x 12in)
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