Flex Stretch Tent Q3 - 6 x 6

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The Flex Q3 is a heavy duty event tent ideal for commercial use and long term installations.  Like a giant blanket fort for adults, the Flex can be set up in endlessly creative variations to create a visually stunning shelter from rain and sun.  This Flex Stretch Tent Q3 is 6 x 6m (20 x 20ft). Best event tent in the business!

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Flex Stretch Tent Q3 is the best event tent in the business. The Q3 is the pinnacle of performance in event tents - endlessly customizable, visually stunning, and built to last. The ideal choice in outdoor event space shelter for residential and commercial designers, landscape architects, venue managers, wedding planners, and luxury event producers.

Flex tents are like giant blanket forts - poles can be pushed up to create a variety of shapes, heights, and entrances that complement your space and use. The shape of a Flex Tent is created by capped center poles which create ceiling height, perimeter poles that create edge height, and guylines that create shape and tensile strength. Carabiners attach the canopy of the tent to eye bolts on perimeter poles, and guylines which are staked to the ground.


CanvasCamp’s Flex Q3’s are hand crafted from heavy duty zero-memory synthetic waterproof fabrics that give you the perfect blend of strength and stretchability. The secret sauce is in the proprietary Q3 4-way polyamide knit that returns to its original shape when pressure is removed from the fabric without developing distortion over time and frequent use - making it the unparalleled choice for long term and commercial applications. Each fiber of the is coated for extra waterproofing, UV protection, and flame retardant capabilities; then thermally welded for a smooth, strong, and durable finish.

Flex Tent Q3 Technology


While our modular aluminum pole sets offer exceptional portability, most customers prefer the aesthetics of wood or bamboo. Furniture grade wooden poles have a warmer look and feel, and they’re also more cost effective to source locally. Most post and pole supply companies that cater to farm fencing will cut beautiful wooden poles to your specifications at a great price. Sometimes for even less than the accessory pole set that we sell.

When using wood/bamboo poles: All interior pole ends need to be capped our dome-shaped pole caps to prevent damage to the fabric. Pole-top adaptors must be screwed into the end of each wooden pole (wood screws not included) for the pole tops to sit on. Perimeter poles must be drilled out to accommodate eye bolts that attach the tent canopy and rigging to the pole with carabiners.

Flex Tent Poles


Q3 rigging sets include pole caps and feet, eye bolts, carabiners, ropes, and a carry bag, Two pole cap sets are included, one for the modular metal poles sold by CanvasCamp, and a second set to adapt wooden poles you supply yourself.

Each perimeter pole is secured to the fixed loops on the canopy at three points of contact with carabiners. The tri-point tie down system feeds through a stainless steel ring to which the guy lines are attached to stakes driven into the ground. The strength and structure of Flex tents are dependent upon tension, the thoughtfully designed rigging system of the Q3 provides both exceptional stability and allows for fine-tune adjustments to achieve the perfect pitch.

Flex Tent Rigging


Flex tents are huge sails that must be properly secured and tensioned for safe use. Tension is added with tie downs, tie downs must be connected to a firm pick point which is usually a stake. For the most secure pitch, you want as much stake in the ground as you can possibly get. Flex tent Q3 stakes are made of galvanized steel and designed to withstand the force of a sledge hammer in hard ground.

Flex Tent Stakes
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Peso del tessuto750gr/m2
Peso totale36kg (79lbs)
Boxed Dimensions (1)120 x 80 x 28cm (47 x 31 x 11in)
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