CanvasCamp Bison Stove

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    The Bison Stove, the latest creation from CanvasCamp's stove specialists, is your perfect glamping companion. This remarkable stove seamlessly combines coziness, warmth, practicality, and convenience. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless operation, catering to both novices and seasoned campers alike. Moreover, the Bison Stove's remarkable insulating qualities and precise air control make it an optimal choice for safe tent installations. With this stove, you can relish in warmth and comfort, all while enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Elevate your glamping experience to new heights with the Bison Stove, a product that perfectly blends style and functionality.
    Note: The interior grill plate and exterior dry racks are an optional extra (see bundle below) and do not come with the purchase of the stove.

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    Bison Stove Grill
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    Exit 1 Stove Jack Tent Stove Accessory
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    Enhance your outdoor adventures with the Bison Stove, a testament to the ingenuity of CanvasCamp's seasoned professionals. This stove represents the pinnacle of our product offerings, showcasing an impressive array of features that distinguish it from the rest:

    • Innovative Glass Door Design: The thing you’ve been looking for. The Bison Stove's door features a one-of-a-kind design enhancing the cozy ambiance for everyone nearby. This is why you want this stove. With the ability to provide a 180° view of the fire, it radiates more warmth and atmosphere than conventional stoves. The glass is easily replaceable for longevity.

    • Solid 2-Step Opening System: Conveniently eliminating flare-ups, the Bison Stove prioritizes convenience. Its robust 2-step opening system enables you to initially open the door slightly to secure optimal air intake. After a brief moment, when the airflow is established, you can swing the door open, eliminating any minor flare-up inconveniences.

    • Heat-Regulating Firebricks: Regulating heat to enable tent use. The Bison Stove's interior is meticulously lined with vermiculite bricks along the base, sides, and rear. These bricks excel in heat regulation, an exceptional feature facilitating safe tent installations and permitting closer proximity to tent walls compared to standard models.

    • Airflow Designed for Clean Combustion: Controlling air supply and extraction. The Bison Stove is equipped with air intake vents at the bottom of the stove (the primary airflow) for efficient combustion. Vents in the door (the secondary airflow) guide air down the glass, which keeps the fire stable and protects the glass from dirt and heat. The baffle plate above the fire functions as a natural extractor hood, drawing hot air through the pipe system. Together, they ensure clean combustion.

    • Multiple Air Regulators: Giving you command of the fire. The Bison Stove has multiple air regulators to precisely adjust the air supply or extraction. With the 4 air supply regulators, you accurately control the combustion rate and maintain the ideal temperature in your stove. With the precision regulator in the pipe-system, you control the air extraction and suction.

    • Adjustable Interior Grill Plate: Show off your grilling skills. Tailor your culinary experiences with the Bison Stove's interior grill plate, offering five adjustable heights. The choice is yours: do you want its gourmet grilling versatility? Or do you opt for its easy removal when only needing the warmth and light the Bison Stove provides.

    • Side-Mounted Drying Racks: Ensuring dry clothes for the next day. The Bison Stove provides warmth for hours on end, so why not take advantage of it? With the easy to-mount drying racks you can safely dry your clothes or warm your socks for the night. The racks are sold in sets of two so you have enough space to be a hero to your friends.

    More Information
    Stove TypeGlamping
    Heat Energy5kW
    Flue Exit TypeRear Exit
    Height40cm (15-3/4")
    Length50cm (19-1/2")
    Width22cm (8-1/2")
    Flue Diameter8 cm (3-1/6")
    Total weight (kg / lbs)24
    • Bison stove
    • 3x plates to establish a stable foundation for the stove
    • 1x 90° tube
    • 1x tube work stand to support the weight of the tubes
    • 4x regular tubes: 32 cm height, 7.6 cm diameter
    • 1x heat shield: 60 cm
    • 1x top tube: 32 cm
    • 1x top tube cover: 17 cm
    • 1x interior grill plate (24 x 37 cm at its largest)
    • 2x exterior dry racks (24,5 x 15 cm) 
    All tubes come with a fire resistant rubber ring so they fit better to one another. 
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