Gifts for Glamping Under €100

Unique gifts for the holidays! Explore our list of the best canvas tent accessories for camping comfy.

Posted on: September 12, 2019
By: Robyn Smith
Gifts for Glamping Under €100

Photo Credit: Robyn Smith

Find the perfect gifts for glamping under €100! Explore our collection of the best canvas tent accessories to add to your holiday shopping list.

Sibley Bell Tent Fly

  • Protects your tent from dirt, rain and harmful UV rays, extending tent lifespan
  • Insulates the tent and regulates temperature. Keeps your bell tent cooler during hot days, and warmer during cold nights
  • Lightweight and packable, and can be pitched as a freestanding shelter or shade with compatible Sibley Pole Sets

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Tent Pole Light by CanvasCamp

  • Three brightness settings
  • Easy installation- snaps onto center pole
  • 360 degrees of ambient light
  • A new release for fall camping season

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Double Tea Light Chandelier

  • Easy installation- hangs on center pole
  • Fits standard electric tea lights
  • Available in clear or multicolored
  • The most popular tent decoration for bell tents

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Ultramar Protector Waterproofing Treatment

  • Maintains waterproofing
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Easy to use

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Sibley Connector

  • Bow tie shaped cotton canvas awning, made specifically for Sibley Bell tents
  • Joins two bell tents of any size together
  • Acts as a covered bridge between tents, allowing you to create a multiple room tent
  • Can be used as an awning on any bell tent for a shaded porch or vestibule

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Square Canvas Shelter

  • Protects you from rain and UV rays
  • Available in 4 possible sizes made from natural, unbleached cotton
  • Durable. Made with double stitching, it’s built to last
  • Optional Telescopic Poles Set give you more possibilities to set up the tent wherever and however you want

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