Tent Stove Terminology

What is a Tent Stove?

Posted on: February 10, 2020
By: Robyn Smith
Tent Stove Terminology

What is a Tent Stove?

A tent stove is a wood-burning appliance designed to be used inside a tent as a heat source and/or cooking device. All wood stoves consist of the same basic design components: An enclosed fire box with a fuel loading door, air intake to deliver oxygen to the fire, and a flue pipe system to vent smoke and combustion byproduct to the outside atmosphere. Generally, tent stoves are smaller, lighter, and more portable versions of the wood stoves found in homes. There are several types of tent stoves which vary in design, materials, and features to cater to a range of environments and applications – not exclusive to use in tents as the name suggests.

Tent stove terminology varies and uniquely reflective of the array of cultures and applications in which they are used.  

  • Descriptive expressions are most common, i.e. cylinder stoves, portable wood stoves, and wood-burning camp stove.
  • Colorado Stove is the most widely used location-based designation.
  • Operator specific synonyms for tent stove are the most interesting and diverse including sheepherder stove, guide stove, outfitter stove, glamping stove, cowboy stove, and camp cookers. 
  • DIY tent stoves are typically named after their repurposed parts – think ammo can, coffee can, or steel drum.
  • Propane fired camping stoves are often confused with tent stoves, despite being extremely dangerous to use in a tent.

Hot Tent Tent Stove

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What is a Hot Tent?

The term ‘hot tent’ is a common way of describing a canvas tent set up with a portable wood burning tent stove. ‘Hot tenting’ refers to be the activity of camping with a tent and tent stove.

Hot Tent (noun) a canvas tent that is heated with a wood burning tent stove

“I’m bringing my hot tent, we’ll be fine even if it is freezing outside”

Hot Tent (verb) to heat a tent with a wood burning tent stove

“I’m going to hot tent, we’ll be fine even if it is freezing outside.”

Hot Tent (adjective) A tent that either warm, or attractive, or both.

“You brought the CanvasCamp? Dude, that’s a hot tent!”

Ready to start hot tenting? Apply your tent stove expertise and shop for the best tent stove for you. Learn more about wood burning tent stoves by exploring our Tent Stove Buyers Guide – the complete guide to buying, owning, and operating a tent stove.