Flex Stretch Tent Q2 6.5 x 10

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    The Flex Q2 is a medium duty event tent ideal for festivals, weddings, and pop-up events.  Like a giant blanket fort for adults, the Flex can be set up in endlessly creative variations to create a visually stunning shelter from rain and sun.  This Flex Stretch Tent Q2 is 6.5 x 10m (21 x 33ft) available in a variety of colors. Hand made in Belgium by master craftsmen.

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    3. To purchase the complete set of accessories necessary to pitch this flex tent - including stakes, tie downs, and poles - click the Add to Cart button below in the Complete Your Setup section. Each accessory set suggested below includes the correct number of items required for this flex tent size.

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    Flex Tents


    Our Flex tents utilize the latest in zero-memory synthetic waterproof fabrics. At the core of this synthetic laminate is an incredibly strong 4-way polyamide knit which allows the material to stretch without developing “memory”. Once pressure is removed from the fabric, it slowly returns to its original shape, eliminating fabric distortions after multiple uses. A polyurethane (PU) coating is applied to the laminate, adding additional waterproofing, as well as UV protection and flame retardant. All Flex Q2 tents have double sided PU coating.


    Every Flex Q2 tent ships with a complete clamp kit and all the necessary hardware. Each clamp holds the edge of the fabric firmly by squeezing an elastic cord which is permanently welded into the edge of the tent. The clamps can be moved to any location along the edge of the tent, providing easy set up, customization and limitless anchor points. Each tent also ships with a complete rope and stake set for the clamp kit, allowing you to pitch it in its classic configuration with all four sides raised, but we encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Flex tents can be attached to buildings, set up on the beach, over pools, on rooftops, patios or in your own back yard in endless different configurations.


    Flex tents are like giant blanket forts - poles can be pushed up to create a variety of shapes, heights, and entrances that complement your space and use.

    Every Flex Q2 tent includes two pole adaptor sets; one for the accessory metal poles sold by CanvasCamp, and a second set to adapt wooden poles you supply yourself. Also included is a complete set of pole bases so you can anchor your poles on hard surfaces or protect a wooden deck.

    Modular aluminum pole sets offer exceptional portability and are available in 2 colors - aluminum and green.

    While our accessory pole kits offer exceptional portability, most customers prefer the aesthetics of wood or bamboo. Furniture grade wooden poles have a warmer look and feel, and they’re also more cost effective to source locally. Most post and pole supply companies that cater to farm fencing will cut beautiful wooden poles to your specifications at a great price. Sometimes for even less than the accessory pole set that we sell.

    When using wood/bamboo poles: All interior pole ends need to be capped with our dome-shaped pole tops to prevent damage to the fabric. Pole-top adaptors must be screwed into the end of each wooden pole (wood screws not included) for the pole tops to sit on. Clamps should be assembled without the metal pole adaptors, exposing the bolt which holds the clamp together. Perimeter poles must be drilled out 1,25cm (1/2”) for the bolt to slip in.

    Stakes: 80cm (31.5in) vs. 110cm (43in)

    Stakes are essential accessories for any flex tent. For the most secure pitch, you want as much stake as you can possibly get into the ground. Stakes are available in two lengths: 80cm (31.5 in) and 110cm (43in).

    Flex tents are huge sails that must be properly secured and tensioned for safe use. Tension is added with tie downs, tie downs must be connected to a firm pick point which is usually a stake.

    Choosing Stake Length

    80cm (31.5 in): For very hard ground and small tents no larger than to 8.5 x 10m (28 x 33ft)

    110cm (43in): For sand, soft ground, large tents, and windy conditions - go with the 110cm (43in). Soft ground includes grass and dirt. Rain makes ground softer - so plan ahead..

    Note: Drive your stakes into the ground so that a maximum of 5 inches of the top of the stake is above ground. Sledge hammer recommended, not included.

    Flex tents are endlessly customizable, which can make choosing the all right accessories a little overwhelming. Don’t worry - CanvasCamp has you covered.

    Flex tents are huge sails that must be properly secured and tensioned for safe use. Tension is added with tie downs, tie downs must be connected to a firm pick point which is usually a stake.

    Tie Downs: Straps vs. Ropes


    Straps are flat woven nylon strips fed through cam buckles with tiny teeth. Add tension to a strap by pulling on the loose end, release tension by pushing on the cam buckle leaver.

    • Pro - Straps are cheaper.
    • Con - Straps are more difficult to adjust. Cam buckles release tension quickly, so it can be difficult to fine tune tension. Also, when pitching a tent with straps the cam buckles are positioned close to the stakes - so you pull up away from the ground to add tension. This action can pull the stake out of the ground, so we recommend having a helper to step on the stake to hold it in the ground while you tension your strap.


    Ropes are round braided nylon fed through carabiners that hold tension.

    • Pro - Ropes are fed through carabiners equipped with cams that hold tension and are easy to make micro adjustments. When pitching a tent with ropes the cam carabiners are positioned near the pick point on the pole - so you pull down away from the tent to add tension. This action pulls the pole away from the tent, and is less likely to pull the stake out of the ground - making it much easier for one person to accomplish without assistance.
    • Con - More expensive.
    More Information
    Fabric Weight560gr/m2
    Total weight (kg / lbs)55kg (121lbs)
    Boxed Dimensions (1) (cm)120 x 80 x 40cm (47 x 31 x 16in)
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