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Did we mention you might have some wild company during your stay with us? ;) This beauty stopped by while we were having dinner. I went after him with my camera thinking he would run away, but there he was, totally calm and at peace. Perhaps glamping is his kind of thing. 🦊🏕
Ps. The cats are ok!

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🏕 Мы бережно переносим лагерь в его исходном виде на невероятно красивый скалистый берег озера Пайнъярви (пос. Парконмяки Лахденпохского района республики Карелия)
📍Геолокация отмечена в публикации.
🗺 Новое место находится в том же направлении, но на полтора часа ближе к Спб ))) что не может не радовать, т.к 5 ти часовая дорога до нашей прежней локации была довольно утомительной. Теперь до нас ехать 3,5 часа, а популярный горный парк Рускеала от нас в 60 км (час езды)
🗓ОТКРЫВАЕМ БРОНИРОВАНИЕ лагеря целиком на мероприятия, совсем скоро откроем бронирование шатров по одному, но вы уже можете оставлять заявки в 📩 ДИРЕКТ ( имя, даты, количество человек, телефон ) всех запишем, всем ответим! 😘
🙏🏼❤️ Благодарим за каждое тёплое слово в предыдущем посте, за каждый лайк, за вдохновение и поддержку, за веру в нас!! После такого отклика мы просто не могли не открыться )))) скоро будет розыгрыш!! 🌲Смотрите в сторис фото и видео нового места! Оно волшебное! Очень ровное и светлое по энергетике, прям хорошо там )))
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1) Brides entrance is via a private plane ✈️
2) Have a hidden glamping village for guests to retreat to. ⛺
💫We cannot help with number one but we are all over the second one!!! Get in touch 😊
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  • In your heart you know what you must do. •GO GLAMPING!🎪😁
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Cotton Canvas vs Synthetic Plastic Camping Tents

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Cotton Canvas vs Synthetic Plastic Camping Tents

Why are cotton canvas tents are better than plastic tents? Read on...

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Camping Tent Shelter Comparison

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Camping Tent Shelter Comparison

Compare canvas camping tent designs and decide which tent is best for you: Sibley Bell Tents, Tipi Tents, and Wall Tents.

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History of The Sibley Bell Tent

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History of The Sibley Bell Tent

Everything you need to know about the Sibley Bell Tent originally designed by Henry Hopkins Sibley. 

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100% Cotton: material of choice for premium canvas tents.

Cotton is made from the seed hair of this hardy and drought tolerant plant. Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth.  We are the only tent manufacture to proudly bear The Seal of Cotton™. 


Camping damp is no fun.

Humidity is the most critical factor in environmental comfort.  Unlike oil based plastic tents, cotton allows small moisture particles from breath, sweat, and cooking to escape directly through the canvas.  Keeping you dry and comfortable in every season, in any climate. 


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Whether you are exploring new places, starting a glamping business, or camping with kids for the first time, we want to see how you camp! Real life pictures of tents and events showcase what CanvasCamp is about: people with a love for the outdoors. Our whole website is designed to around customer pictures. Tag us on social media #canvascamp or email us and check back to see your pictures featured!

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