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    CanvasCamp manufactures and sells the highest quality luxury canvas tents and tipis in the world for camping, glamping, and authentic outdoor experiences. Most manufactures are focused on sales and margins. CanvasCamp is completely obsessed with what really matters: people. Naturally, this means creating the best product, with the best materials, at the best price. At CanvasCamp it also means providing service, advice, and amenities that surpass your expectations.

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    Best Canvas Tent of 2019

    Summer camping season is in full swing! Use discount code SummerSale2019 at checkout to take $50 off any size Sibley Ultimate. Sale ends June 30th - gear up and get outside!

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    Sibley Summer Sale


    The Perfect 2 Person Canvas Tent

    New for 2019! The 300 ProTech is the smallest and most feature packed Sibley Tent to date. The new tri-pod pole system maximizes interior space for plenty of room for 2 people and tons of gear. Zip in/out mesh walls provide 360 degrees of ventilation and bug protection. Made with our waterproof and breathable 4 season Pro canvas.

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    Easy Up Tent Shade

    The Sibley Fly is a lightweight nylon shelter that provides superior protection from wind, rain, sun, and snow. Pitch it as a a standalone shade for groups and gear - or - double up the insulation and UV protection on your Sibley Tent by using it as a traditional tent fly. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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    Sibley Bell Tent Fly

    Event Tent Sharshade


    Party Tents for Classy People

    Stop renting the same boring wedding tents for every occasion. Save money and DIY a unique party tent to get excited about. Starshades and Flex Tents are easy to pitch with just two people and provide a visually stunning backdrop for your next soirée.

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    How to pitch a Sibley

    Make and break camp with just one person in minutes. Based on the native american teepee, the Sibley is designed to travel. Even our massive 320ft2 Sibley 600 takes just 10 minutes to pitch and packs down to fit in the trunk of a car.

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    Best Glamping Tent


    Sibley ProTech

    4 season, all weather, 100% cotton canvas. Read all about what makes the Sibley ProTech the most versitile canvas tent for glamping.

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    Best Camping Tents for Two

    Camping is a powerful bonding experience. Couples that camp together are generally happier and healthier for it. Explore our collection of canvas tents ideal for all types of camping couples.

    Explore 2 Person Tents

    2 Person Tents

    Woodburning Tent Stoves


    Hot Tents - Wood burning tent stoves!

    All CanvasCamp tents are tent stove compatible with the installation of an Exit stove jack. Learn all about how to install a tent stove jack and camp cozy all year long.

    All About Tent Stoves

    Blog: Must Read Camping & Adventure Knowledge


    Cotton Canvas vs Synthetic Plastic Camping Tents

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    Cotton Canvas vs Synthetic Plastic Camping Tents

    Why are cotton canvas tents are better than plastic tents? Read on...

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    Camping Tent Shelter Comparison

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    Camping Tent Shelter Comparison

    Compare canvas camping tent designs and decide which tent is best for you: Sibley Bell Tents, Tipi Tents, and Wall Tents.

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    History of The Sibley Bell Tent

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    History of The Sibley Bell Tent

    Everything you need to know about the Sibley Bell Tent originally designed by Henry Hopkins Sibley. 

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    100% Cotton: material of choice for premium canvas tents.

    Cotton is made from the seed hair of this hardy and drought tolerant plant. Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth.  We are the only tent manufacture to proudly bear The Seal of Cotton™. 


    Camping damp is no fun.

    Humidity is the most critical factor in environmental comfort.  Unlike oil based plastic tents, cotton allows small moisture particles from breath, sweat, and cooking to escape directly through the canvas.  Keeping you dry and comfortable in every season, in any climate. 


    Buy Canvas Tents Direct from the Source

    We believe happy healthy employees make the world a better place. CanvasCamp is dedicated to fair labor and safe working conditions.  All CanvasCamp brand tents are manufactured in house in accordance with our standards for quality and ethical business practices.


    Stay Dry, Naturally.

    Rain causes the fibers of cotton canvas to swell.  The surface tension of a rain drop prevents water from passing through the tight weave of quality canvas; allowing it to bead and run off.  Additional canvas waterproofing treatment is added for extra protection against rain, UV, and mold.  There is nothing more soothing than the sound of rain on canvas.


    Keep your gear in use longer!

    Canvas tents are easily repaired which keeps them in use where they should be and out of the landfill.  You will never regret buying high quality, versatile gear that you love enough to maintain and repair.  We guarantee it.


    Get featured on our website!

    Whether you are exploring new places, starting a glamping business, or camping with kids for the first time, we want to see how you camp! Real life pictures of tents and events showcase what CanvasCamp is about: people with a love for the outdoors. Our whole website is designed to around customer pictures. Tag us on social media #canvascamp or email us and check back to see your pictures featured!

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